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uqoagune from Angola
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okuwuliqa from Cameroon
This is a very dark time in our nation's history and in the history of Western Civilization. Taking the tour of the Ten Boom Museum and listening to the story changed my entire attitude and touched me very deeply. I am and have been familiar with the story of Corrie Ten Boom, read her books and seen the movie, "The Hiding Place", but taking the virtual tour of the Ten Boom Museum with the lovely voice-over of their story reminded me again of God's faithfulness to His children in the face of evil. He will not fail us or leave us to face anything alone, and in the end, we will be with Him forever. That is my comfort and Corrie Ten Boom reminded me of that today by the story of her life and her family's lives.
Susan from United States
Corrie, her family, The Hiding Place, and Corrie's testimony has meant so much to my early Christian walk.
Karol from United States
I love the Ten Boom family and I read Corrie’sbook often for inspiration.
Colleen Kelly spellecy from United States
Praying for Isreal.
Gloria from United States
What God did through the Ten Boom family is so wonderous and it truly has changed me to have witnessed it through the book "The Hiding Place". The virtual tour on this website is immersive and inspiring. Every corner and every picture brings so much of what Corrie said back to my mind, and it is amazing to see with my own eyes, what I had imagined the Ten Boom home to be like. I learned much more about Corrie's life on the virtual tour and I thank you so much for making it available. May the Lord bless you and your work.
Jennifer O'Neill Hampton from United States
This is simply an amazing place! I can not imagine what it would have been like to be a Jew...hiding in this place of refuge. It was a wonderful tour.
Madison Harshbarger from United States
Corrie Ten Boom's story and quotes are very encouraging
Mark Troyer from United States
my prayers are with all of you always
Dianna from United States
Loved it! Trump 2020!
Erica Tormanen from United States
I love Corrie, and particularly loved s
Karen from United States
I love the VR tour. She helped me get threw life. The tour helped me get facts for my essay I'm doing about her.
carly from United States
I'm 40 yrs old and have only just "met" this amazingly family. Wow. Let me be faithful, too, Jesus. My kiddos will be reading this for sure. Beautiful. (Just finished The Hiding Place)
ANNIE from United States
Thank you, Corrie and family. What a legacy you had left. You all have shown how to live, love and serve! One day I will make my way with my kids to show them what I have already taught them about this remarkable family. I will take my father as well, who is a watchmaker. The riches and abundance of the love of God is perfectly displayed in your family and all that legacy has been inspiring me and my family to grow and make a difference!
Karolina from United States
In 1975 I was pregnant with my second child. We saw the movie “The Hiding Place”. And I was so moved by Corrie Ten Boom’s life story. That I told my husband if we have a girl I want to name her after Corrie. I had a beautiful baby girl. And we named her Corrie Elizabeth. She now is a mother of two. And she walks with the Lord. I am so proud of her. She Loves Jesus and He is the Lord of her life.
Eileen from United States
What a wonderful inspiration of a christian who relied on God alone and was rewarded with a wonderful life. Love her story as her books are my favorite next to my bible.
Brenda from United States
thank you for the inspiring tour. <3
ann from United Kingdom
I hope someday I can visit this museum in person. I love the story of the Ten Boom family. They inspire me to live a better Christian life. Karen Texas, USA
Karen from United States
Wow. Just wow. Thank you for the very beautiful tour around Haarlem Town Square and the Ten Booms' house as well. (And it's free also, thank you so much!!!) Totally inspired by the Ten Booms to live out our love for God and others, with our actions, words, and prayers as well.
Sara from Malaysia
I am writing one more time to get the spelling right. So happy to be in contact with the Museum and enter in a difficult situation. God is faithful. Amen 💓
Margareta from Sweden
Oh I am amazed to be able to Contact you here om this outstanding museum. What a blessing fo mr in a very difficult loving. Amen 💓
Margareta Cronholm from Sweden
I am so amazed the great Love of Christ she had. I wish more people would be more forgiving as the Lord asks. The museum is outstanding I really appreciated this tour. Thank you for your faithfulness
Sandee from United States
Well Done! Good and Faithful Servant!
Stacy Simms from United States
I read Corrie's books in the 1970s as a teenager. I was privileged to see "The Hiding Place" at a screening at a local church then. I have since shared the books and the movie with my children. I'm still inspired by the fact that when called to practical application of God's Word, Corrie and her family were faithful. We read the Word and sing the songs, but sometimes events call on us to practice what we have read or sung, and we find out that He is real and true in the time of trouble!! Thank you for posting this museum online!
Kevin from United States
Humbled beyond words. Inspired by Corrie's story since the early 1980's.
Connie from United States
Thank you.
Sara from United States
There are no words big enough or good enough to describe the heroism of the ten Boom family. The harm they suffered after doing so much good is unbelievable. It's hard to understand God's plan many times when it seemed the sky was falling as it did in Holland during WWII. God bless the ten Booms who were willing to save Jews at the cost of their own lives. And God bless Corrie for taking the stories of what God did in front of her very eyes while she was being held in a horrific death camp in Germany. If her books and movie do not leave you in awe of her faith in the Lord and her trust in Him, I don't know what it would take. Her stories makes one want to be just like her with THAT kind of trust in God. She teaches (in my opinion) to just step out in faith, in trust and follow Him. And He will show you what He needs.
Elaine Woodford from United States
Inspirational for all.
John clegg from United States
What a wonderful human being. We should all strive to be one tenth as good as she was. RIP, Corrie.
Peter Nicholas Fragasso from United States
Incredible. Just. No. Words.
Suzanne from United States
Very Inspirational ❤ Woman!
Janet from United States
This family lived a searching life, searching for that most needful thing on this earth below and in heaven above. For that peace with God unto everlasting life. The greatest amount of us is living a peaceful and luxurious life. not feeling that need! The Ten Boom family was at risk of death every hour, minute, second! We naturally think we(Those living at peace) are safe from death, but are situation no safer than theirs, God is almighty, God is not bound to time or place, we don't have to become ill, if it is God's time for us to die we will no matter what we are doing something good or something bad Jude 1:21 Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.
Rian Vandenbrink from Canada
We are truly blessed and inspired by the love and forgiveness that the Ten Boom family has shown through their faithfulness and kindness towards others. We are truly changed by this story and hope it will impact for generations to come. To see the love of our Lord Jesus Christ not just talked about but lived out in such a way, is truly remarkable! Thank you so much for your example, may we be so lucky to show love & kindness with boldness and love from Jesus because only His love can truly change the world! John 3:16
Padilla Family from United States
She was a vessel greatly used of God. Another sign that the Jews are a people of God.
Mandla from Swaziland
I remember reading The Hiding Place when I was very young; sometime in middle school, I believe. I remember being especially impacted by the family's act of bravery in the face of unparalleled evil. How she managed to forgive those who were responsible for the deaths of not only her family members, but of the many who died overall in the Holocaust, is beyond me, and can only come from God. Even though she passed away over a decade before I was born, her story still sticks with me. If I were maybe born earlier, I could've had a chance to meet her. Especially today, the world needs more shining examples like Corrie, with compassion and love for others.
Kevin from United States
This amazing woman and her family have long been role models for me. I've read all her books and pray that her courage and faith would be passed on to all Christ's followers around the world - especially in times of such great evil and horror. Thank you for the work of this website. It is such a blessing and inspiration.
Sheila from Italy
Corrie came and spoke at my church in Glendora, CA (New Hope Dutch Reformed), sometime I think in the 1980's. She spoke of the faithfulness of God during this horrific time in history she experienced. She gave the example of the embroidered blanket -- God's plan and purpose vs the jumbled mess we often see. Then toward the end of her talk, a man from the back of the room interrupted Corrie and introduced himself as one of the guards from Ravensbruck she was at. He proceeded to walk forward, said he was a Christian, and eventually asked for Corrie's forgiveness. She paused for a long while, almost frozen, she finally reached out her hand, and said, "Yes, I forgive you." I thought this took place for the first time in my church then. However, apparently it took place shortly after her beginning the mission sharing God's faithfulness and forgiveness. I remember being intrigued with her hairstyle, her wisdom, and her graciousness -- lovely lady.
Suzanne from United States
the story of the ten booms was very touching
gary from United States
An inspirational true story with a very large and real God. The entire Ten Boom family were amazing people, and of Jewish heritage and from a family of survivors, I am thankful for those who lived out the message of Christ. I have visited her home with my oldest son and have taught her book in public school. It is now, just re-reading her words, that have I felt renewed faith and hope. Your prayers and message will continue and the words of Betsy will endure.
Connie Stjames from United States
I like your website!!! 🙂 Bye... Thank for yourattention 🙂
Dorothyedups from Mongolia
My late mother, also a non-Jewish Christian with a heart for God's people was incarcerated with Corrie and her sister in Ravensbruck. She also forgave her tormentors and she and I were blessed to visit Israel together before she passed on to the arms of the God of Israel. I was blessed to be raised with a love for the Jewish people and am now an active Christian Zionist!
Nancy from Germany
I am thankful for this site an all i learned, i will begin to pray for also that Jesus will help you in all that you do.
Timothy from United States
I am deeply moved by the amazing story of The Hiding Place and the sacrifices made by Corrie and the Ten Boon family on behalf of the Jewish people. How admirable to stand for truth and righteousness, even to the point of death. Their testimony of God's faithfulness and love shining bright even in the midst of deep darkness is so inspiring. Since reading The Hiding Place, I was delighted and amazed to discover this beautiful virtual tour. May her story and the Ten Boon Museum continue to inspire and move us to pray for peace and the love of Jesus to reign here on earth.
Wendy from United States
Danke dem Herrn f�r die Tenboon-Familie. Sie waren, sind und sein werden ein lebendiges Beispiel f�r die Liebe Christi und ein lebendiges Beispiel - wie die Nachfolge Christi m�glich ist: durch Liebe und Vergebung. Mein Herz wurde dadurch tief ger�hrt und ver�ndert. Ja, es ist wahr: "Alles ist m�glich, dem der es glaubt" Markus 9, 23. Gottes reichen Segen! und Schalom
Gabriela from Deutschland
I am reading the book The Hiding Place now, and am mooved by the story Corrie and her family experienced during World War ���� God make me find this museum . I have to pray for Jewish people to built peace in the world. Thank you .
Yuko from Japan
Blessings for this site. This is an inspiring and hope filled story of God's love. To have the kind of close relationship with The Father ,Son And Holy Spirit is our most prized gift. The ten Booms had that relationship we all desire.
Shelba from United States
Thank you for all the hard work to all those that took their time to create this web tour of the Ten Boom home and to restore the Ten Boom home as well as telling their incredible life story. And I thank Glenn Beck for showing the Movie on his new network. The Ten Boom Life story touched me closer to home more than I thought and could not stop the tears as I watched the movie. As my Family was also effected by the Nazi Occupation.
I love Corrie Ten Boom. I have received one or two books/magazine (type) from my sister-in-law, Linda. What I never told Linda, was my family knew Corrie Ten Boom. She use to visit my fraternal grandparents and their family that came from Imjuden, Holland. I never realized until now how important she was to my grandparents and my father. I do remember her to be very soft spoken, pleasant to be around and a delicious smile. Wish I could go back and spend more time with her instead of being shushed aside and told, this is for adults to talk. Later she would talk to us children. What fun. God Bless her. Thank you all for this site and keeping the Ten Boom Museum alive.
Beth from United States
I have seen the movie and read the book multiple times over the years and it never fails to inspire me to want to be more like Jesus.May God use this site to reach a whole new generation unfamiliar with the Ten Boom family and their faith and testimony of forgiveness and love.My prayers are with Israel and the Jewish people world wide.I will be sharing this link. Bless you and this ministry.
Pamela from United States

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