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I heard the story on Glenn Beck radio yesterday and felt an urgency to do my small part in supporting this ministry. God bless the Jewish people and God's Beloved Israel. We join with you in prayers for Israel.
Betsy from United States
I have heard about and admired Corrie for many years. I read her story when I was young and have watched The Hiding Place. I'm sure she has a very special place in Heaven for all that she did to help the Jews and for her long ministry telling her story of forgiveness. She will never be forgotten. I was so happy when I found this website. I truly enjoyed the "virtual tour." Otherwise, I would not get to "see" her museum. I look forward to meeting her in Heaven. God bless all those who made this possible to the world!
Sheila from United States
I pray for my family and for the USA that we will go back to being the God fearing nation that we once were. God have mercy on us and and make us to be a nation that loves honors and respects you and your word. Amen Praying for the Jewish people as well.
Mary from United States
I recognized the name Corrie ten Boom from a friends post on facebook. It jogged my memory of some 40 years ago when I was a child. My mother and I frequently traveled from Ohio to Michigan and midway we always stopped for lunch at this roadside diner. It was something I always looked forward to because she wood buy me a magazine for children to read on the rest of the journey. That is where I first learned of Corrie ten Boom and her never failing faith and courage. I was inspired then to be a Christian. I'm so glad that I came across this website. God Bless you all for keeping the faith and being there for others.
Carrie from United States
May God bless your ministry. Thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony of faith.
Claire from United States
Thanks for cnotirbuting. It's helped me understand the issues.
Michaelyl from lZEQhwWcYwqPWmc
Thank you
Daniel from United Kingdom
Father God in the name of Jesus I stand in prayer for the peace of Jerusalem and the protection of the apple of your eye-the Jewish people. Amen
Emmanuel from Ghana
The ten Boom family has had an amazing impact on so many around the world. I thank God for His influence through them to so many.
Cindy from Canada
EULA from brazil
I feel blessed to have heard about the ten Booms. I knew about Ann Frank and family, but never this wonderful family. When I was in school, this story and many others were never told. What a shame. Thanks to Glenn Beck, GBTV show, Michael Evans, and the Restoring Honor in Jerusalem 8/11, we have been educated. I just watched the movie, and will be getting the book. Thank you Corrie and the ten Boom family for what you did for the Jews and for having such Faith in God and Jesus. I hope I can be as brave if ever needed, and not let my Faith be replaced with hate. Love is the answer, but I can't imagine how hard it must have been to always remember that. Thank you for all the lives you saved and teaching us how to keep the Faith. God bless your family and you. I know you are in peace with Him.
Cynthia from United States
Thank you for the message of Victory in the Blood of Jesus. Shalom
David from United States
I just read "The Hiding Place" and was amazed and inspired by Corrie and her family's story. God has greatly used it to show me what is truly important and how short we come to His holiness. Too often we complain about such little things when Corrie and Betsie went through so much and yet thanked God through it all. And that as they found the only way to get through all of life is Jesus' strength. I can't wait to meet Corrie and the other Ten Booms some day!
Jimmy from United States
I pray daily for Jerusalem's freedom and for the health and wealth of the Israeli people, the God Chosen people of this world. May God Bless this tiny country.
Cindy from United States
Thanks cobba for the inspirational story!!!!!!!!!!! Corrie 4 lyf
Isaac from Australia
I cannot begin to imagine the horrow that they lived every day. The amount of faith and trust that she carried with her is something that I can only aspire to. Corrie has left a legacy for all. Thank you to all of those who endured or even were sacrificed during this time is not enough - may their hearts and lives be remembered forever as well as all who fought to free them
cathy from United States
I read The Hidding Place back in the '70s and it has influenced my life ever since. I've told many people about Corry ad the Ten Boom family. God does work in wonderous ways!
Audrey from United States
Thank you for sharing the Corrie ten Boom's story. This is very inspiring and moves me to deeper faith where Corrie makes faith a reality in life. Her trust and faith in God and her living out of the message of FORGIVENESS from the heart is indeed the epitome of Christ's teaching on LOVE. I always pray for the Jewish people and for PEACE in the Holy land particularly PEACE in JERUSALEM, GOD'S HOLY CITY!
Regina from Philippines
What a courageous and loving family. The Ten Boom's acted out scripture as they literally were willing to lay down their lives for others. What a wonderful memorial this museum is and to the Father heart of God in the Ten Boom family! May we all love others as they did!
I am a fan of Jesus Christ. I am Jhonatan and I want to give the ten Boom family my respects. I read the story of Corrie ten Boom and want you to know that I greatly admire. She and the family ten Boom. I want the ten Boom know that your story has been an inspiration to my life and I'm young. That a book on it came into my hands for me it was a privilege and a gift from the Lord Jesus
Jhonatan from Uruguay
I Pray that thy God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob Bless Israel more and more, and that he will bring Peace to Jerusalem! And that he will gave us Strength and Power to do what the Boom family did. Thats Gods divine Love what Corrie had to forgive those what took her family from her true such torcher! Praise the Lord for leading me to this Video!
Margaretha from Canada
Let us pray without stopping as we were commanded to do so Amen
Rosemary from Swaziland
I remember Corrie Tenboom and her book the Hiding Place from the 70's and her being invited as a guest speaker at the Billy Graham crusade--her story touched me so back then and I have never forgot her and her familys bravery,dedication , and love for God and the Jewish people --the sacrifices, which they made were an expression of their love. I will watch the movie of the Hiding Place created by the Billy Graham Ministry this Friday 11/12/11 on GBTV I can again enjoy a true and endearing story of Gods love in action.
jan from United States
I read Corrie's book as a young woman and saw the movie when it came out. I was blessed to hear her speak when she was touring the USA. That created in me a desire to someday see the watch shop and visit the home where the ten Boom family lived out their Christian testimony by hiding their Jewish neighbors and others referred to them by the "underground." Then, I finally had the opportunity! I toured the museum in March '06 before starting a tour in Amsterdam that took a group of Americans on a barge trip on the canals for 10 days. Although this barge trip was excellent in every way, my strongest memory of the Netherlands was of taking the train with 2 group members up to Haarlem for a quick tour of the museum and having the opportunity to step into the actual hiding place! Watching the virtual tour tonight and listening carefully to the story told about each of the 19 parts of the tour brought back wonderful memories of the book, the movie and my time at the museum. God bless you all for making this virtual tour available in so many languages, thereby carrying on Corrie's message to the world!
Elizabeth from United States
tremendous....god uses all....what was meant for evil, god meant for good!
jeff from United States
We are praying for the peace of Jerusalem. Paulo and Bev
Beverly from United States
I can only imaging the fear that these people felt. Yet with their faith in Jesus kept them going, regardless of what the outcome might be. My grandmother was in the polish camp and the stories that she told me were horrifying. I am only say that I would stand with Israel and die for them so this never happens again. God Bless the people that made this tape and to keep it going so no one forgets.
Kathleen from United States
God Bless your work and preservation of the house. Ever more critical to pray for Jerusalem in these end times.
Holly from United States
As i listened to the story of the hiding place it gave me a deeper passion and desire to pray for Jerusalem and our government that God would grant them wisdom to direct our nation back to a God fearing nation. All should hear the Ten Boom's story
Vanessa from United States
Thank you for sharing this vision with us. I am happy to be part of this group to pray for Jews. May God bless this museum and this pray action for Jews. Lucy
Lucy from Finland
When I was a kid, I had a book about Corrie. Though I never read it, I did think of it and decided to do an informative speech in my college class about her. Being half- Jewish (my dad is full) makes this story so much more of a blessing. Thank God for the ten Booms.
Sarah from United States
Thank you for the virtual tour and keeping the messages going. God Bless you.
Rochelle from United States
I enjoyed the tour very much!
vickie from United States
Thank you the work you are doing for the message of God's love through Christ Jesus. We will continue to pray for God's chosen people, the Jews, to accept Jesus as their Messiah.
Donna from United States
Thank you so much for sharing the Tenboom family story this wonderful way!We can see how "the knowledge of the Lord covers the earth as the waters cover the sea".Praise the Lord,for He is good,His love endures forever! I join my prayer with all those around the world who've been praying during the senturies and continue today,for the peace of Jerusalem.I believe it is a pleasing aroma before the Lord. Lots of love,blessings and joy to all of you dear friends!
mariana from United Kingdom
I have only now found this site for Corrie Ten Boom. When I was 12 years old, my grandmother gave me a book by Corrie Ten Boom of everyday readings.. stories of inspiration and courage that she received in the concentration camp. I believe this book has made me the woman I am today. I know for a fact that her experiences have taught me the power of our Lord and Saviors love and sacrifice. I cannot say in words how much I owe Corrie Ten Boom, but I believe she knows it somehow in Heaven! God Bless her and her family for the work they have done for Jesus Christ! God bless them! Karen Coaker Sanchez
Karen from United States
I migrated from germany in 1965. I gave my heart to the Lord in 1985 and have been supporting Israel ever since. My husband and I are planning to attend Christian united for Israel in July in Washington, DC. Thank you Mike Evans for everything you are doing.
irene from United States
This website is a wonderful experience that rekindles what I know and have read about the ten Boom family from my youth. Everyone needs to experience Corrie's story, and how she embodied the love of Christ.
Ray from United States
Thank You.
Vonnie from United States
Loved "The Hiding Place" when I read it as a teenager and still love it to this day. I am enjoying the website. Thank you for continuing Corrie's work.
Cheryl from United States
Thank you. I would never have been able to travel there, this was very inspirational and quickens my heart to do more for Jesus.
Linda from United States
So blessed by Corrie testimony,I love the Jewish people.
Lula from United States
Corrie and her family have inspired me to tramp for the Lord and persevere through hard times. Her message of forgiveness is powerful, just as Jesus forgave those while He hung on the cross. I shared this website with my students since they are learning about WWII. I wanted them to learn about Christians who demonstrated the love of Jesus with courage, bravery, and faith during that dark time in history in our world. Thank you for this beautiful site that honors the Ten Boom family who have left a powerful legacy which inspires others to walk out their faith in Jesus Christ.
April from United States
I have always wanted to travel to the home Corrie ten Boom and her family lived in so am very thankful for this virtual tour and story of their lives. They were an amazing family and did what God called them to do even though they knew their own lives were at stake. I was a flight attendant with Continental and had the pleasure of meeting the lady that played Corrie in the movie (she lives in Houston, Texas, which is an hour and a half from where I live). She was on one my flights and we had the privilege of talking. Thank you so much for this website. I have been studying our Hebraic roots and praying for the Jewish people for years. I am on a disaster team (put together by Israeli's) just recently and will be going to Israel during times of emergency and war to help care for the Jewish people. what an honor. In His love, Joni Rhodes
Joni from United States
A hispanic that love Jesus and Israel. I love the story of the Tenboom family and I wish i would be that can of christian.
Leila from United States
For many years I have been blessed by the courage and testimony of Corrie Ten Boom and her family. As I read each of her books of how God lead her from country to country I was inspired. I know that there is a very real possibility that American Christians will suffer for Christ too. I take to heart the wisdom Caspar gave Corrie about God giving strength and peace just when it is needed. Lord bless you all as you spread the love of Jesus through Corrie's story.
Dusty from United States
Corrie and her family are a great example of how we should love and forgive others. And how to be thankful, to our Lord, even through trials. "Lord, please help us to be a light in the darkness of this world". The TenBooms were a great example of this light.
suzy from United States
Thank you for this opportunity to see more of my BEAUTIFUL JESUS.
Ronald from United States
Thank you for this wonderful virtual tour of the home and hearing of Corrie's story again. I have read all of her book and also have the video the Hiding Place. What a mighty story of our God's love and forgiveness. Thank you for this website. I know it will bless all who get to view it. Many are still coming to know Christ by the sharing of the ten Boom story. May God continue to bless this ministry of sharing His love for all who will listen.
Cheryl from United States
Very inspiring virtual tour of the Hiding Place. My heart was blessed with such a tremendous message of faith and courage in the face of extreme odds. Thank You, William Towe
William from United States

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