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ANA from argentina
The Hiding Place is one of the very few books I've read three times and this is due to the amazing content. I am struggling. I so very much needed to hear these truths again. At 53 years of age, as Corrie was when she started her post-bondage ministry, perhaps I may hope God will fulfill his "post-bondage" plans for me. For so many years I have been drawn to the holocaust story, there is a passion I feel for God's chosen ones. As Jesus wept, I weep in my own imperfect way for Israel's redemption.
Michelle from United States
What a delight to be able to read and listen to the testimony of how the Lord used the Ten Boom family to carry out His message of love, to His chosen people in the midst of persecution. "Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing." James 1:2-4
Marines from United States
Thank you! God bless you all!
Johanna from Suomi
The experience was great! I loved the stories of the family, and I'll definitely recommend this place 😉 Thanks!
Samuli from Suomi
While pastoring in Stephenville, Texas USA, I was privileged to be a part of the showing of Billy Graham's movie, The Hiding Place. You have done a great job of restoring the ten Boom house. The virtual tour is excellent and allows people who cannot travel here to see it. Thank you. Dr. Evans, thank you for your work with Christians and Jews. You are truly God's ambassador to Israel. I am on your email list and have donated to your ministry. God bless you! Dr. John E. Russell Chaplain (COL) AUS retired
John from United States
I have read "The Hiding Place" twice and seen the movie at least twice, but I still so very enjoyed this tour!! It is good to be reminded and touched again by the incredible story of this family! Would that there were more men like Casper Ten Boom today!! I pray we can all become more like them in the dark days ahead. Thank you so much!
Linda from United States
Corrie Ten Boom was a Godly woman. When I was a teenager. I watched the movie called The Hiding Place. It was very true and very good. I loved it.
Ruby from United States
I first became acquainted with the Ten Boom family as a young child in church school. We were assigned to read the Hiding Place. Ever since Corrie has been my inspiration. I have always been amazed of her families strength to the end. I only pray in these last days I can also display such faith in my Lord Jesus Christ. Always to be faithful to the end no matter how difficult times may become. The Ten Boom family will definitely be a family I look to see when I get to heaven. God Bless Us All
Connie from United States
I am Brazilian, I live in S�o Paulo, I would like to win visit the Museum of Corrie with my family. Thank you.
Luci from Brazil
I Loved this story of the Ten Booms. It is a powerful testament on how faith can open doors and close others. To God be all the glory forever and ever!
Stephen from United States
Thank you so much for the opportunity to share in the watching of the Corrie ten Boom video. This is truly a testament of the courage and love that God has for this family and for his Jewish People. Thank you for reminding me that the Jews ARE his Chosen and that has not nor will it ever change as God's Word never changes. You have brought me even closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and closer to his Chosen family. May God continue to bless you forever and ever. Love in Christ, Ernie.
Ernie from United States
As a little Catholic child I used to cycle through the Barteljoris straat in Haarlem to go to school. Now I am a born-again son of God. Praise the Lord for His mighty works!
Tom from Australia
Thank you for a great website! I and my mother have read the story in a book several times and also looked the movie. Hopefully we can come and see the museum on someday too.
Miia from Finland
Thank you for being able to visit the museum through this virtual tour, but mostly thank you for continuing the great work of Corrie ten Boom. I pray that many lives will be changed by hearing Corrie's message. The Lord reigns!
Judith from New
Thank Jesus for His strength, that we may bring His hope to the hopeless and live the life He died to give us.
Krystal from Bahamas
Corrie has always been in my memory, (I am 84) as one of the greatest tellers of Jesus and forgiveness. Her message with the flashlight (our lives) has always been remembered. The flashlight would not light, She opened it and found some paper (sin) in the batteries.. The paper was removed and there still was not any light. Once again upon opening she found a little piece of overlooked paper and removed it. The flashlight turned on with a bright light. She said we must always work to remove all of our sins to brighten our lives�.With Jesus we can do this. Thank you for the tour and I have found that You Tube has remembered her with sites of her joy. God Bless
Jerry from United States
May this testimony of Gods love ever be shared.Thank you for all the work you do that this vital and important vision be carried on.
Alvin from United States
This is a wonderful!
Chris from United States
Oh Lord how your heart must be breaking to see all your people at war with color and race. My heart breaks so I know you must be grieving too. I pray Lord that more of your people come to know as I have. You have lifted me up and gave me knowledge beyond what I could ever have imagined. You have brought me thru such trials no one could have ever dreamed of going thru much like this family . I pray for all that dont believe in You to come to know You. My life has changed so much and with out you I wouldnt be here today. Thank you Lord for giving me another chance at life. A life with You.
Melody from United States
Thank you, Dr Mike Evans, for having the vision to tell this story to the world through the media of the internet. I got a lot from the tour of the ten Boom shop. Thank you and God bless your work for him.
Andrew from United Kingdom
I look forward to meeting and talking to her!
travis from United States
Me impresiona mucho la valentia de esta mujer y su familia, y es un gran acto de amor, fe,y sobre todo valentia lo que hicieron todo por el Gran amor a Jesucristo
Maria from Guatemala
what a wonderful tour provided through this medium as I would never have the chance to come to your country.
virginia from United States
what a wonderful story of a life who surely loved Christ .Corrie has been an inspiration to all of us love,forgive two most important things we can ever do.....God bless you!!!!!
connie from United States
Thank you.
Kathy from United States
I watched the movie when it first came out in the theaters. It moved me then and this virtual tour has moved me. // It has highlighted the need of forgiveness. God bless you and thank you Corrie -- thank you Mike -- thank you one and all.
Carol from United States
I pray the everyone that calls upon the Name of the Lord will have the same heart for the Jewish people that the Ten boom family had.
Ron from United States
Just read the book, The Hiding Place..boy was it good! Very inspirational.
Tracy from United States
The Lord Jesus bless you with His peace! This virtual tour brought tears to my eyes as it helped me recall details in the lives of the ten Boom family. During the 1970's, my husband and I watched the movie, The Hiding Place, and I cried with empathy for dear Corrie and her loved ones. Tears fell as I prayed for all of the people of Israel. Yet, my heart rejoiced as I once again remembered the promise in God's Word that every knee will bow - and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. I will continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all of the Jewish people who will one day soon see their loving, holy God and Savior - Who is Lord of all!! Amen!! To God be the glory!! Amen and Amen!!
Rebecca from United States
I was blessed by Corrie Ten Boom when I went to a Billy Graham Crusade around the '70's. She was so fascinating that I wanted to hear more about her life and what God did through her. I have never forgotten her. What a complete miracle that her life was spared in the concentration camp. I loved her movie of her life. I read her books. One of the biggest highlights that stays with me is the story in her book, "Tramp For the Lord" in which she found herself having to forgive the man who killed her beloved father and sister. Praise God that has come to my mind when at times I had to forgive when it seemed impossible and yet God does it through you when you ask him to. Betty
Betty from United States
The hour has come for fervent prayer for Israel and Christians and the world of the lost. Time is shorter then we think, we need to reach out to others and also, get our own houses in order. If we have grown cold dear Lord bring us back to your love and comfort and the shelter of your wings. Amen
sally from United States
It is wonderful to visit this site and seeing the place and surroundings in virtual tour feature. Ten Boom family's legacy is love. Love for Israel, love for God's chosen people, and love for humanity. Such a heart warming story. God bless Israel. Lord's Blessings from Pakistan
Sheraz from Pakistan
May we not forget the past!
Debra from United States
Thank you for your prayers and sharing this story. God Bless you
Sandra from United States
Corrie's story and books have touched my heart, God knew that I would be one of the many thousands of people that would be blessed by her and her Family's story. I praise you Lord for the life of the Ten Boom Family. Thank you
Natalina from Australia
Corrie's story has changed my life more than any other book ever written, except the Bible. Thank you for carrying on the legacy she left for all of us. What a stunning example of God's love was the Ten Boom family.
Penelope from United States
I read the Hiding Place when I was in my teens. I was inspired by their courage to hide the Jews. I named my first daughter's second name after Corrie!
Jill from Canada
Thank you Mike Evans for this museum. What a privilege to get to tour by video such an historic site. So beautiful and inspiring. May God find us faithful to His call. Peace to Jerusalem.
Jerilyn from United States
I feel blessed and encouraged through this family... I lack no good words for the family raised guarding the true faith. I bless the lord for you all even when you are up there. I bless the lord for making you stand so we could have such a blessing through your strength and faith. Glory be to our Lord and God forever through Jesus Christ.
I really enjoyed listening to the story of Corrie Tem Boom. I have seen "The Hiding Place" a long time ago but I had not ever seen where she grew up in Germany. I will pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
Jo from United States
I loved corrie's book, The Hiding place and really want to go to the museum. What an amazing family and woman.
McKenzie from United States
The Ten Boom's were remarkable people and showed tremendous courage at a time when it would have been just as easy to look the other way. Corrie ten Boom continues to inspire me today. Oh for the courage, forgiveness, and love to show others as they have done. God Bless.
Donna from United States
My husbands family met Corrie so I read her book the Hiding Place...It was a truly amazing experience of Faith in the midst of very difficult times....I prayed to have Corrie faith, she truly is a women of tremendous strength and is worthy of praise..She shows us God will give you a peace that passes all understanding....She truly is a women of unshakable strong faith!!!!God Bless you Corrie Ten Boom...
Pam from United States
I have read Corey's Book. This was an amazing insight into the whole story of her life and family. I would be interested in praying for the Jewish people. I am a christian. Violet
Violet from Canada
I really enjoyed taking the tour. I was wandering how I could get the book or the movie *The Hiding Place*. God bless you and the work you are doing. I will share this tour on Facebook. Thank you again for this tour.
Elizabeth from United States
Always an inspirational family story, we can learn so much from the ten Booms. Thank you for your faith and willingness to share.
Crystal from United States
Corrie Ten Booms family has given me the strength to survive in very difficult times in my life. I always say that if the Jews could survive what they have, then I can surely deal with what life has given me. But I know that I could never have done it without my faith in our Lord and saviour. Praise God he never leaves us in the darkest of times. I have been dealing with so much anger concerning radical Islam and I pray that the lord will replace it with what he wants in my heart. God Bless this ministry and my prayers are with Israel forever.
sandra from United States
Praise the Lord for the wonderful site that I could visit from right here in my home. I enjoyed it very much and want to be a part of the praying for the Jews and Israel. They are the chosen of God Almighty and are his special people. May God protect us all as Christians and Bless us for the effort of praying for their protection. My parents taught me at a young age to have a love of the Jews and to pray for them.
Carol from United States
Let's continue praying for the peace of Jerusalem
Laura from Honduras

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