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My prayers are for all of the people and their families, that were made to suffer so very much. I pray that this never happens again to anyone. I pray for peace and that evryone in this whole world learns to get along.
I have the taught the Life of Corrie Ten Boom in my campus ministries and I am deeply touched by her life and testimony. How the Lord has been faithful to her life and to the Ten Boom's family. I am indeed blessed. To God be the glory!
Maria from Philippines
Escucho la historia de Corrie,y su hermosa familia a trav�s de la radio BBN, y me enamore de esta historia y de sus ense�anzas, y veo la mano de Nuestro Se�or Jes�s, en lo que hay a mi alrededor aun en los sufrimientos. Dios bendiga esta obra y al pueblo Holand�s.
FRAN from Colombia
I am honored to be a part of your ministry and I pray for Israel to have peace and protection, as we wait in joyful hope for Yeshua to return to Jerusalem! Blessings and Love
Amy from United States
As a 10th grade high school English teacher, in Westlake, Louisiana, I have been teaching The Hiding Place for ten years. Ordering the new book. Would like to teach the one about Betsie, too!
Roberta from United States
May the work of Dr. Mike Evans and the Jerusalem Prayer team bring spiritual and physical blessings to the nation of Israel and the people who suppot this ministry. The story of Corrie ten boom have left a lasting impression on me as a christian and it further emphasize my belief in the power of prayer and forgiveness to our enemies and people who hurt us because of our faith in Jesus Christ.
Rhonda from Grenada
I was seven years ok when I saw the Hiding Place and how real God can be to a little girl let a lone a woman in prison for his being "the wrong". Race.I wish I had an opportunity to have met her on Earth but anxious to meet her in heaven.She has always been an inspirational Christian..This is a wonderful opportunity for others to learn of her life of service to Christ.Thank You
Heather from Cheyenne
I have watched the movie The Hiding Place many many times and I was so moved by the movie that I wished it would be in theaters across america I have learned so much not only from the movie but from reading her book on The Hiding Place!!! I pray that the Lord will use this museum for his Glory to reach out to many many people I will keep this ministry in my prayers
Kim from United States
I am reading the book and find it amazing. I can not realize what they went through. God Bless.
Aaron from Canada
Un testimonio sorprendente, y por supuesto: alentador. Gracias !!

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