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My son's 8th grade class just finished reading this book and a few moms read it along with them as well. The children were all touched by the story. Towards the end of the book, we read in the timeline that Miss tenBook actually retired here in Orange County and is currently interred in a one of the local memorial parks - Fairhaven Memorial in Sta. Ana, CA. Our small group visited her gravesite last weekend and paid our respects to honor this amazing lady. Thank for maintaining this wonderful website to commemmorate the tenBoom family's faith and heroism.
Carden from United States
I was very blessed as a young girl to meet Corrie Ten Boom. Her love was so apparent for all to see. I will never forget her and hope to some day be able to see the home.
Catherine from United States
I watched the movie tonight. I can't recall any movie ever touching me in this way. I pray for peace for Israel. Everyone should see this movie. It's very sobering to remind yourself during the viewing that these are real events, real people, and the horror of what Corrie and Bessie endured is simply overwhelming.
Terry from United States
No matter How bad things get, or how hard the way before you, listen to the still small voice, and follow in faith, I promise you two things.. 1. No Matter how dark, or long the way, keep praying, and moving forward, and God will be with you, and .. 2. You have been prepared and blessed for the trials you will be facing, and you have Gods Promise, you will not face ANYTHING greater, than you can bear, nor will you EVER be alone, for God is with his people, all those who serve, and honor him, both his covenanted people, and those who serve him throughout the world, wherever they are ~ he knows them, and is with each one of them. Though we are heading through the worst of all times, in all human history, have faith, and DON'T you EVER turn away from him, hold on with all your strength and faith, the outcome, will be worth it, I promise you.
Ronald from The
Father, I pray that this unfathomable faith given to your daughter Betsie Ten Boom be now bestowed upon us those who call his name Jesus! Lord God, I thank you for the amazing grace of faith that you have given the Ten Boom family..I am scared Lord as I write this, as I father cannot comprehend such faith as I live here in a climate controlled world of comfort and only minor interludes with a need for strong life giving faith in Christ! Lord God may Betsie reign with you Lord, may her amazing grace shine upon and infect all those who hear her story...We are scared Lord and we all need to know the amazing love and hope that can only come through you from our love and relationship with your son Jesus Christ! AMEN
john from United States
I read about Corrie Ten Booms. I feel like following her, sharing God's love with my friends and those I humanly hate but will eventually humanly and godly love.
Hiroki from Japan
I pray and support Israel, it was only recently I learned about Corrie, since then I have tried to read all I can about her even envolving my Grandchildren with the book, this is so interesting, I wish the whole world could see. I would like to visit the museum but I know that will never be possible. This tour will be all that I will be able to see, thank you. Yours in Christ Jesus. Kay Davis
Elizabeth from United States
The testimonies of the ten Booms have greatly impacted my life, affecting every part. I've quoted them on several continents and people are still touched by their submission to God and dedication to serve whatever the cost. May we all learn and live as they did.
Charlotte from United States
Nice to see how the love for the jewish people together with help from God can do marvelous things. Love overcomes fear and God is LOVE!
Patric from Finland
This is a beautiful tribute !
Sharon from United States
I first saw The Hiding Place in a church I attended many years ago. I thank God for Corrie ten Boom. Her wisdom is so vast and full of educated knowledge. Her wisdom is a vital means of education and a great blessing.
Darleen from United States
Corrie's testimony as it relates to how she had faith even in those moments where minute by minute trusting God was crucial at times for her immediate survival, really meant so much to me in my life's journey.
Alan from United States
Thank You. God Bless
David from United States
As a young teenager I read her book, The Hiding Place. Throughout my life she came to mind as I went through personal hard times; loss of my husband at 37 and 13 years later my brain tumor diagnoses/surgery. Although, what I experienced is nothing in comparison, her faith and testimony speaks loudly to the working of Christ in and through her. I wish I could have met her and sat down to talk with her. What a blessing that would have been. Thank you for a virtual tour that we are able see and to have a peek into her life. I pray for the peace of Israel. It has become a burden on my heart. Blessings.
Alena from United States
I visited the Ten Boom house in 1993 when I stayed in Haarlem for a week before beginning a tour of Europe. The museum was staffed with volunteers and the English speaking guide, an American, had come specifically to live in Haarlem and to volunteer at the house. It was an amazing experience to actually walk through the Ten Boom shop and home, climb the stairs and see the hiding place in Corrie's room. I have long been inspired by the Corrie ten Boom ministry. I appreciate finding this site, going on the virtual tour, seeing that the home and shop have been so beautifully restored and learning that Corrie's ministry not only continues, but thrives.
Mary from United States
I am forever gratefull for finding this website what a blessing. I am so honor for taking the vertual tour. I hope that some day I will be able to visit the Ten Boom's home. I was trully blessed.
Jackie from United States
I would like to hear the Greek recordings for this museum, I see they have not been posted up yet.
Kitt from Greece
My family "the Oukes" lived down the road from the Ten Booms. They lived in a windmill and had a large garden. Through family history, I've learned that they were one of the families that supplied the Ten Booms with produce from their farm. It's a great honor to come from a family that helped such a wonderful woman.
rebecca from United States
We recently read this book and it effected the way we thought about the holocaust. WE LOVED THIS BOOK AND TOUR SO MUCH!
olivia from United States
We have just spent the last three weeks learning about the Ten Boom family and how their faith led them to help others. Such a moving story. God Bless x
Rock from United Kingdom
I thank God for Corrie and her family. I read her book and it moved me. I love the jewish people they are God's people. Love this site. Thank you
Donna from United States
Thank God that there were those who stood as Light in the Dark. I hope and pray that History does not repeat itself because then it would entail suffering of a nature that should have been prevented previously. We must learn History!
Ryan from United States
May God bless the message of the Boom family. I love Jesus! He is my Saviour.
Claudson from Brazil
May God bless Jerusalem Israel, the United States and Jewish and Christian people world wide
Donna from United States
Shortly after I accepted Christ I read Corrie's book and it had a great impact on my faith!
Joy from United States
God Bless you! I had never heard of th Ten Boom family until now,and am so very inspired by their extraordinary goodness and the history of how they saved Jews and others from the butchers! and also that they continue to encourage others to bless Israel. Thank you from the bottom of my Jewish heart.
Barbara from United States
LISA from United States
Corrie Ten Boom has always been an inspiration to me in my walk with the Lord. She gave so much to the Christian community as to how to walk with the Lord. Her faith is known around the world. She will always be remembered by me in my heart and look forward to spending eternity in Heave with her.
Kathleen from United States
Originally read the Hiding Place in 1971 and saw the movie in 1975. Was able to hear Corrie speak twice in the 70's. My family, like the tenBoom's were people of strong faith and complete dependance on God. Thankfully they passed His Love on to me and I have abided in that Love since a child through today. My understanding of my connection to Judism as a Christian was also fostered under the guidance of a Scottish Presbyterian minister and excellent Sunday School teachers when a child. I love all, but especially love the Jews because of the continuing of their Covenant with God. We have another Covenant, but could not without their Covenant which will never be replaced! With today's happenings, I worry as Corrie worried, will I be strong enough to stand for my Lord if I must. I embrace Pslam 91 to its fullest! Praise God and pray for Israel.
Gwen from United States
Thank you for sharing the Ten Boom story via the internet (Face Book). I hope to visit the museum in person some day. Their story in the film The Hiding Place is one of my favorite movies.
MaryAnn from United States
My great-grandmother introduced me to "The Hiding Place" when I was a young teenager. I ready Corrie's story and felt forever changed. I was raised a Christian but in recent years discovered the "family secret". My Great-grandfather was a Jew. I'm not at all clear on how he wound up in Alabama and married to my Great-grandmother but can only guess at his motivation for leaving Europe around the time of Hitler's rising power. I have always loved the Jewish people and was taught early on that they are God's chosen. I now have a deeper, more personal feeling towards my Jewish ancestors and all that they have overcome. May God bless them and those who shelter and protect them.
Amanda from United States
May God continue to bless all those who seek Him..I ask that He keeps stirring my heart to seek Him further, deeper, and with more frequency than I "seek" facebook or the television. May He lead me to be as faithful and devoted to Him and His will as this wonderful family were to Him.
Nicole from United States
long live the ten booms.
jeffrey from United States
in the last 20 some years i found out that i am Hebrew. The first time i saw the museum in the Holocaust in DC, i wept like a baby. Also in the early eighties i was privileged to meet Corrie at one of her meetings here in Des Moines, Iowa. Now at this time in my life i see the handwriting on the wall of the persecution that is coming and so i draw from Corries experiences of FAITH in Ravens-brook. hallelu-YAH!
Jeanne from Polk
A true record of faith and love.
Claire from Scotland
So grateful for such a Faithful, Mighty God. Thank you for reminding us of the Power of praying for Israel.
rose from United States
Through a book published by Guidepost magazine, around twenty years back, corrie ten book introduced to me. That time I was a person starving for 'great faith' and when I read the book myself strengthened many many folds which magnified through the simple faith applications which I read through the life of this saintly person. I praise God for Corrie Ten Boom....God bless you all.
Abraham from Kuwait
I am amazed at the love the Ten Boom family showed towards the Jews, by risking their lives & giving their lives to save some Jews. I am also amazed at the courage it took for Corrie to forgive her enemies! If Corrie can forgive her enemies who treated her family and herself so badly, then I can forgive those who have hurt & mistreated me! what an amazing example the Ten Boom family is to display the love of God to the world!! I have utmost respect for the Ten Boom family and to God!
Kelly from Canada
This is the best virtual tour I have ever taken. I loved Corrie's books: The Hiding Place, and Tramp for the Lord. I read her books to our children when they were small. Watched the movie. I continue to relate her stories to others as the Lord prompts them. God Bless you all.
Jacinda from United States
Thank you fro sharing this Message of Love...
Paul from Canada
This is an incredible story of Faith!! It is so very inspiring!! You could not but help to shed tears because of the horrible things they went through and for the wonderful and beautiful strength and Faith!! I will continue to Pray for peace in Israel and for love and peace in all of God's wonderful world!! God Bless you all!!!
Jonathan from United States
Thank You TenBoom's. You are all Saints, in my eyes. Praise God for the walk you all have taken. For I have just lost a dear, close friend, who was born Jewish YET she became a Judeo-Christain. She was such a Blessing in my Christain walk with the Lord. And she showed me an example of a True Believer and Follower of Christ. God Bless Your Souls, and Hers. In Memory of Beverly. 1958-2012. God IS Good All The Time! Thanks, Again, for the Inspiration.
Jennifer from United States
I watched the Hiding Place at a local movie theater after release by Billy Graham Studios. I was a young child, but the movie had a lasting impact upon me and I never forgot the movie. This tour was fascinating and humbling to me. God's favor is still upon the Ten Boom house and all who enter. May each be touched by an angel and be stirred. May those who doubt find assurance in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Barbara from United States
I am in such sorrow as I read about this tragic event. I have learned that since God had sent his only son, Jesus, to die on the cross and be persecuted for our sins, no one here on this earth is exempted from any type of persecution. It is only a blessing if you are not the one persecuted. Some are chosen, by the hands of God. His people were chosen for neglecting Jesus. I too had neglected Jesus and I am now suffering my own persecution. Today, I seek to see others persecution to feel my own. And to heal. God Bless the Jews, May peace and prosperity be within their walls always. In Jesus's precious name Amen
Sherrie from United States
A beautiful and moving story of Corrie Ten Boom and her family. What dedication to God and their desire to help the Jews. It is heart rending. My heart has been moved to Pray for the peace of Jerusalem in a serious and greater way than ever before. God bless the people who have made this moving and beautiful story available in such a vital way. God is so Powerful and awesome and is ever faithful. To make Jesus known and His powerful Love to all people should be our # one priority which has been so graphically displayed by this family and others in Holland during that crucial time.
Elizabeth from United States
May God Almighty bless all the generations of this family,may His peace rest upon them. I pray that some families like ten Booms will be raised through the world wide prayers. Corrie is such an inspiration and wonderful woman of God. May God be lifted high as we continue with such wonderful and powerful prayers. May God also bless those who are committed in these prayers. In Jesus Mighty name AMEN.
Nelly from United States
In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world!" John 16:33
Michele from United States
The Ten Boom family was a great example of how Christians should live our lives for Christ. I would love for the film to be shown on TV so that people would see how true followers of Yeshua live, forgive and show the love of Christ. Thenk you Lord Yeshua for working through this wonderful family and many others who stood up for Israel. I give you all the praise, the glory and the honour Lord. Amen.
Patricia from United States
What a witness to the mighty power of the Lord! Few would have the faith Corrie and her family showed during their imprisonment. Corrie's spirit-filled heart is so evident in the color picture of her having tea - one would never guess how much torture she endured. She is with her Heavenly Father now, as well as her earthly family. We love you, Corrie, Betsie and all the ten Booms! Thank you for your powerful, humbling witness.
JulieAnn from United States

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