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I enjoyed the tour of the home of Corrie and her story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Betty from United States
An inspiring message of the Love and Forgiveness of God. The Ten Boom family were doers of the word. May we be inspired to do the same- love, forgive and pray for our enemies.
Galefose from Botswana
An example of where we need to be in our lives with Jesus. thanks for the reminder of how important forgiveness is.
Phyllis from Canada
In the late 1980's our local Christian radio station broadcasted Corrie ten Boom's story/life testimony in 10 minute mini broadcasts...I listened as often as I could...I was touched by her story. I grew up in a Christian home with a father that had a heart for "God's chosen People" and His promises to them and would pray for the time that God would remove their blindness to the Messiah, Jesus that had come. I have seen the movie version of the "Hiding Place" years ago. I had not read Corrie's book. Very recently, I did read the "Hiding Place" in preparation for leading an event for our church's missions conference in which the emphasis was on "Who will go for us?"...My focus was on "Getting Ready to Go" and focused preparing our hearts for God's call by trusting in God's Sovereignty over our lives and that He will enable anyone to do what He shows/asks them to do...even in our simple, uneventful everyday lives He will call/ask us to work out His Will on earth and ultimately in His coming Kingdom...Corrie's testimony was insprirational to many and continues to be so...God is still answering her prayer! Thank you for this providing this tour of the the Ten Boom was a great blessing!!!
Judith from United States
May Hashem bless the righteous gentiles such as the Ten Booms! May He bless them and their memories. As a Jew, I thank you for what you did for the Jewish people and the unimaginable risks and sacrifices you made to save lives. We can not put into words our debt of gratitude for your kindness. Also, thanks to Glenn Beck and all at GBTV. May Hashem shower his blessings upon them and give them all the success and keep them and their families and loved ones safe. With love of Zion, Tovia
Tovia from United States
Thanks be to God for this family, and many more the world over, who in simple ways are trying their best to make this world more habitable and pleasant for everyone.
Frances from Jamaica
Thank you for such 3D quality of viewing. With the message of God's Love as expressed in Life and Grace that came from the Lord Jesus Christ thru the person of Corrie ten Boom. Being a christian since August of 1973. My life was very much infulence by the books of Corrie ten Boom and of course the film of the 'Hiding Place'. As I watch this Virtual Tour and heard the true words of the narrator. I could not help but get on my knees next to my bed and just cried my heart out to God in utter thankfulness for what HE did for me in keeping my heart intuned to His Love, in regards to this christian life and works. I wanted more to be closer to Jesus Christ. I want to suffer more into the suffering of those less fortunate then myself. Thank you for this excellence piece. I think you really should receive a reward for this web site. Bye for Now, Rudolph Zelenka Yes on my father side they came from a Jewish family from Czech Republic in the 1830's to the USA.
Rudolph from United States
I love Corrie Ten Boom..She is a lady whom I admire for what God brought her through...
peggy from United States
God Bless The Jewish people and I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and God Bless Israel. I pray we have the strength and wisdom of the ten Boom's if we should be called of God to help whoever needs us.
Deb from United States
I thank the Ten Boom family for all that they have taught me about forgiveness. I also pray for the Jewish nation. Now I know of all the Christians that I am part of praying for His special people. May God Bless all of you in continuing Corries and Her families legacy...
Michele from United States
Thank you for the dedication to the purpose for which Corrie lived - teaching forgiveness and living the principle. We pray for your success with your programs even as we strive to exercise that same principle in our lives and teach it to our children. During military assignments with the U.S. Army in Germany, we visited the concentration camps of Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, and became acquainted with how cruel mankind can be to itself. We champion those who rose above that cruelty in their best selves to emulate the Savior and His dedication to us. We aspire to that level of understanding. Thank you. May God bless you in your programs and lofty goals.
Bruce from United States
I am a fourteen year old girl who was blessed tremendously by the Ten Boom story and I thank you all who made this site because if even a child could be moved by this amazing story, then I am sure anyone can. God bless you all.
samantha from Taiwan
Hi, I'm Elida Birth. I'm Brazilian and I live in the State of Par�. I've seen the movie about the hiding place and now I'm reading the book as the same title. I'm overwhelmed with the history of this family and this woman of God (Corrie). All this moving testimony of this family, touched me in a way that I can't explain. It's beautiful to see the Act of God in their lives, even in such difficult times. I honestly don't know if I would have the nerve and the courage that they had. But what impressed most was seeing how they loved the next. Anyway, I'm delighted and encouraged with the ten Boom family history. Praise the Lord! Anyway, I'm delighted and encouraged with the ten Boom family history. Praise the Lord!
Elida from Brazil
God bless you, i love corrie history!
eliza from Brazil
After buying Corrie's book The Hiding Place I had to know more about this God given family; who has humbled and put me to shame as a weak Christian. I am sitting here crying as I write this praying to God that maybe, somehow, He can use me! Thank you Jesus for sending me here and showing me what I needed to see.
Cindy from United States
Thank you GOD for the TEN BOOM family it has change my live
What an inspiration Corrie and her family are. God is with us and at work in us. I pray that I may be able to live my faith as this family did.
Janice from United States
Praying for all the Jews, may they finally have peace. The Lord will protect you in these uncertain times. Thank you for sharing this educational tour for all to see.
Rose from United States
Wowza, problem sovled like it never happened.
Laura from wlAUZrkpyXSFwOhgxI
Thank you for this site. I loved all Corrie's books and her audio sermons at To God be the Glory!
Renato from Italy
My class is reading this book in school and it is a very informational book! It is also very interesting!
Sadie from United States
I have read "The Hiding Place" several times, and am now reminded to re-read it, and other books which I did not know were available until now. I HAVE read "Tramp for the Lord" as well. I found the link to the Ten Boom Museum on Facebook, and am so thankful that I did. This site reminds me how important it is to stand by and pray for the people of Israel, and also how God used then-and still uses- people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone, to help others in need. I know of people (many of them supposedly evangelical Christians) who do NOT believe the Holocaust ever happened. When I first heard about this I could hardly believe it. I was taught by both my parents and my church to honor and love the Jews as God's chosen people, and further to realize that God loves ALL of those He created, not just the ones that love Him or are of a certain race, color or creed. The Ten Boom family was the perfect example of doing God's will as well as His unconditional Love for us. Thank God for their wonderful testimony. Let us have the courage to do likewise.
Jennifer from United States
The virtual tour of the museum is the next best thing to being there in person. Thank you so much for this wonderful chance to see the rooms and again experience the story of the ten Booms. Today I feel a renewed faith in the power of forgiveness. Thank you.
Julie from United States
This is a very touching and heartwarming story that reveals the infinite power of God. It teaches us that Christians and Jews can pray and live together in brotherly love, which is the single most important commandment we received from Jesus: to love each other, to love our neighbors, even our enemies however difficult that might be. It is important to note that this story took place in the Netherlands, where another similar series of events developed as recorded in the diary of Anne Frank.
Carlos from Ecuador
Thank you for the virtual tour. What a blessing.
Misti from United States
I pray that the prime minister of Israel will listen to the holy spirit and let the spirit guide him in prayers for the Nation of Israel and the people..IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!!
I have heard about your story many times from many diff. people. Your family is truly an inspiration to all. God bless you,your family and all those who struggle with the trials that God puts before you that we may grow and endure to the end. May we always smile, for when we are smiling, are thoughts are most likely pure.
Robert from United States
Le doy gracias a Dios por mi vida y le pido fuerza
ossimar from Colombia
God be with Israel and please Israel, Just tell the world that you are serving the only true God Jehovah and Jesus our Saviour.
Josaia from Fiji
What a blessing God provided to my heart today when I happened onto this virtual tour of Corrie ten Booms family home and testimony of how God used them to bless the Jews and now to continue to bless all of us around the world. I have been to Israel twice and it has felt like ""home with a constant yearning to return. Since then the Bible has come alive in living 3D color. God has given me a deep love for the Jews, His chosen people. I am saddened that our current administration seems to be turning their backs on Israel when God admonishes us to bless Her. Yes, I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and the Jews, that God's hand of protection will continue to cover them. Thank you for all you are doing to keep this story alive and relevant to our present lives.
Maryann from United States
Thank you for creating this virtual tour of the Ten Boom Museum. On a visit to Israel in 2000, I placed a pebble at the base of Corrie's tree at Yad Vashem. It has long been my wish to visit the Beje, in the meantime this online visit was a powerful reminder of the faith of the Ten Boom family.
LeeAnn from United States
Ive read her books and i love them such a blessing
Laurie from Baldwyn
I have been deeply moved by the story of Corrie and Betsy Ten Boom. God blessed my life when I met and got to speak with Corrie while I was a College Student in Tennessee preparing to enter Seminary to become a Christian Minister/Pastor.
John from United States
What a blessings to be able to go through the tour of the Ten Boom house. So many times something I saw in the movie or read in the book-The Hiding Place" has helped me through a crucial time. My husband and I just celebrated our 32 anniversary. Our first date was watching "The Hiding Place". It was an unforgettable night. The tour narration is so well done-sharing some of the pertinent messages interspersed with interesting details and their lives giving us an example to live by, especially with praying for the Jewish. We already have been but this is a reminder to do so even on a daily basis. Thanks for the presentation!
Patricia from United States
I heard Corrie during her lifetime. What is so wonderful is that God will take anyone who is willing to work for His kingdom and use them to transform the lives of others. Corrie's message of forgiveness and the times that it was challenged in her life by those who had persecuted her and her family shows me that when God asks us to do something He also empowers us to do it if we will let Him. God is the only one that can take the terrible atrocities of the Nazi regime and bring someone through it with a message of God's love and forgiveness. Both her dad and her sister and other family members had victory over the racism and hatred that the Nazis spewed out and many years afterward so did Corrie. I'm glad we serve a God who will ultimately cause us all, who have trusted in Christ as our saviour to also triumph over the darkness of this world. I pray we can continue her message of love and forgiveness.
Deny from United States
Her books changed my life! Amazing woman and amazing family! I can't wait to meet Corrie and her family in heaven!
Rachel from United States
I, first, heard about The Hiding Place, when a teacher's aide was reading Corrie's book, while I was a seventh grade student, in 1973. Between 1974 and 1977, I would estimate how I read Corrie's book 20 or 25 times and, when the movie came out, I having been deafened at the age of ten) knew what was going on, without hearing. I even realized that they'd changed the jailhouse scene, where the German guard told Mr. ten Boom he could stay home to the back of the military truck. This is an awe inspiring story and I have always loved it.
Gary from United States
I read the book about Corrie ten Boom's life many years ago but would love to read again. I truly enjoyed this tour for a reminder of how awesome the Lord is when we depend on Him and His Word.
Joy from United States
Greatly inspired by Corrie's heroic story! I had the great joy of meeting her in person at the Graham Studios, where the Hiding Place was produced.
George from United States
I followed a link on facebook and was brought into the Ten Boom home. I have never seen or heard such a witness of faith and I feel blessed to have heard their story. Our Lord is great and wonderful indeed! To transform such a horrible experience into a message of love, forgiveness and hope has touched me deeply. I want to have an unshakable faith as the Ten Boom family. I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit and live a life pleasing to the will of God. Thank you for sharing the story of the Ten Boom family.
Karen from Canada
The story of Corrie Tenboom has been deeply imbedded in my heart for many many years. I always wanted to be able to visit the Tenboom homeplace and through this virtual tour I have been able to do that. My heart is so broken for God's Chosen People and for the current war in Israel against the Hamas terror organization. I pray for her safety and for the peace of Jerusalem daily. My daughter has been doing some research and we believe that we may have some Jewish blood that goes back to Paltinossa, Bucovina, Austria where my maternal great grandparents and their children fled to the United States in 1903. Born Again Christian or of Jewish descent, I only know that my heart belongs to Israel. God bless you for your continued devotion and work for God's people.
Jody from United States
I had the privilege of hearing Corrie speak in person when I was a student at Moody Bible Institute in the early 1970s. Her and her family have been an inspiration to me in my faith journey. Corrie is a true heroine of the faith and I've always hoped and prayed that I would be as bold as the Ten Booms in similar circumstances. I agree that if you love Jesus that you must love the Jewish people. I pray often for the peace of Jerusalem. BTW, the visual tour is awesome and splendidly done.
Donna from United States
Thank you for the virtual tour. God bless the Ten Boom family for all of their sacrifices.
Kimberly from United States
Thank you Ten Boom family!
Rachael from United States
Prayers are offered for the peace of Jerusalem, that all who oppose her will begin to see more clearly. God have mercy om this USA and how she has begun to change morally. Seems that she has sinned so deeply that God must be losing patience with her. I cry out to my people to cease their prideful attitudes and become humble at last.
Janet from United States
I am truely humbled that my Lord has directed my path to the Ten Boom home & to pray "May peace be within you" for the peace and prosperity of the Jewish nation,as this family did. The faith of this family is a testament to the amazing grace that is offered to all who believe. As Corrie stated "The Lord has no problems only plans" for "He Himself is our peace"(ephesians2:14)Dr.Evans this is a wonderful site and moving experience. May the Lord bless you
Heather from United States
I first heard Corrie TenBoom in the early 1970's in southern California when she spoke at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Her testimony is powerful and I was extremely moved when I saw the movie "The Hiding Place" for the first time. My children not only saw the movie, but read the book as well. In light of current world events, continued prayer for the peace of Israel is paramount. I was moved once again by the virtual museum and am indeed praying for the peace of Israel. Maranatha (even so, come Lord Jesus)!
Lynn from United States
When I was a little girl during World War II, my mother told me I was Holland Dutch, a distinction important to her because Pennsylvania Dutch were German! After the war ended and the horrors of the camps were revealed to the world, I couldn't imagine what life must have been like in Holland. Then as an adult I read The Hiding Place and I learned. I fell in love with the Ten Boom family but tried to forget the 2nd World War! In the past few years I have re-read everything I could about Corrie. Pictures of her and her family so resemble my mother's. Her faith in the Lord is a shining example of how He works His purposes. What an amazing role model! And now Mike Evans has, under God's guidance, brought Corrie and her family to life again. How marvelous! She is still ministering in her unique way to a sin-ridden world where evil is rolling over us like a tsunami that will surely usher in the return of our Lord. How wonderful to know Him! To have people like Corrie to show us the way He wants us to live. Thank you so very much, everyone who had a part in establishing the museum and this incredible website!
(Edna from United States
What an inspiring story! It shows the Power of our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is a picture of what God can do with our lives if we let Him. He has a plan for each of us, and all we have to do is trust Him and give our lives to Him. Thank you for this site and keeping Corrie's message alive to inspire us. God Bless You!
Joy from United States
Shalom, Salaam house of Corrie Ten Boom shalom Israel... Jer 29:11 Psalms 122:6
Devon from United States
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