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Many years ago I was drawn to read The Hiding Place. The name Corrie caught my attention. I lost a daughter in 1983. Her name was Corie. After reading her story, I decided if one woman could lose her whole family and survive, I could survive losing Corie. It was the beginning of my grief work. It took me 15 years to heal and give up my Corie to God. When I was at my saddest, I would pray that God end my life. I am so glad that prayer was not answered. From her death came an empathy I might not have had with my students. I have three children and eight grandchildren now. They are my blessings. I am so glad that god did not answer that prayer. God is all knowing. God is good.
Gayla from United States
Love the messages you represent about Jesus Christ our Savior. Have seen a few posted on FB and love them. Thank you for sending out positive thoughts.
Barbara from United States
I visited this home in 1994. What a beautiful lesson for all of us. God is good and greatly to be praised.
Donna from United States
The love of the Ten Boom family is an amazing story. I have read most of Corie's books her love and mercy shown to all she came into contact with is such a testament of God's love and forgiveness for all. As she forgave her tormentors she was set free to bring that freedom to the world. Her families story is beautiful the fully layed down life for the love of God. Not by might not by power but by the Spirit of the Living, Loving, God, Jesus Christ Our Lord. Thank you for keeping her and the Ten Boom families story alive in the hearts of all. May the word of the Lord go forth and accomplish all that it was sent to do. Many Blessings, Marsha McArthur
Marsha from United States
I can't begin to tell you how much this book has moved me, and to see this video makes me feel like a part of me was there. I pray Corrie's message never goes unheard.
Ginger from United States
Your words are water for a thirsty soul and spirit.
Linda from United States
I loved the virtual tour and did not want it to end. Beautiful story of a beautiful family-- God is so very faithful. I cannot wait to meet them all one day in heaven!
Renee from United States
Since I was girl and saw The Hiding Place movie for the first time, I have sought to follow after the Lord with all my heart, just like Corrie. I pray for the strength she found when hard times come my way. Jesus is always faithful!
Kathi from United States
no greater love then to give their lives for others
karen from United States
I Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem, Israel, & The Jewish Nation !! God Loves The People Of Israel & So Do I !! 🙂 CARL P. SCHNIBBE
Carl from United States
Thanks for the testimony of Corrie ten Boom. A family that stood with Israel in their PRAYERS.As I watched the video of the ten Boom family in their devotion to the Lord manifested in supporting Israel and the Jews, my passion to pray for Israel was further rekindled and that my family and the Word of Life Church will continue to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem,for the conversion of the Jews,regathering of the Jews as we have started this commitment since 1994.As gentile believers we owe our Salvation through them.In response, we pray for them.
Aurelio from Philippines
I have read all the books written by Corrie, and I've been truly inspired by her love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Corrie was an incredible woman and I admire her courage and bravery through the worst human atrocity the world has ever known. God is Glorious as He stayed by her and her family. I will continue to pray for the legacy of her family. What a Blessing that Corries home is opened for the world to experience God's joy through this museum. God Bless you always. Sincerely, Patti
Patti from United States
God bless Jesus.
Bob from brazil
thanks dr mike for all you do for our dear jewish bro and sisters.i believe that prophetically we are in the greatest time in history and even a greater time for the jews of matter what we see in the natural god is working behind the scenes to protect our jewish families there in israel and jesus is coming to show his grace to all the people of israel! thanks again larry pate
lsrry from United States
Busy reading Corrie's book - The hiding Place, what a inspiration for me!! God is great!!! Amen
Petro from South
Today I finished watching the movie "The Secret Retreat" and really loved it. I pray that the lives of Tem Boom is imitated by all Christians.
Francisco from Paraguay
May GOD bless HIS people and bring peace back to their land.The persecution has gone on far to long.
John from United States
Thank you for this beautiful website and for continuing the story of Corrie ten Boom. She is a true hero of the faith.
David from United States
I can remember hearing about this wonderful family at my church in the early 70's and about The Hiding Place. Glen Beck brought it back to me today about this wonderful family and what they did in the name of love and being true Christians.
Bev from United States
I am going to teach my teen class about Ms. ten Boom. Her story is awe inspiring.
Melinda from United States
I continue to reivece so many genuine compliments on our photos. They are ALL absolutely stunning! In fact, one of my co-workers asked us, very straight-forward like, how we were ever going to chose, because they were all so great. Beau, your work is beautiful, honest, and heartfelt. There is no doubt that you have an eye for exquisiteness when you capture, and also when you edit, each moment. You are more than just a photographer at a wedding, you really add a seasoning of fun to the entire day.When we look back at our photos it is almost as if we are able to re-live our day. Thank you so much, and we will be recommending you to anyone and EVERYONE. Best!
Gregory from kFVeCojZKrw
Thank you Lord for the faithful.
Dawn from United States
I am ashamed of how Christians, myself included, often take advantage of our blessings, and how we do not have to suffer the persecution that the Jews endured. We are told in the Bible that they are God's chosen people, and we are to love them. I pray that there will never again be another Holocaust, that someday the Jewish people will be allowed to live in peace, and that they will discover the love of Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach.
Gary from United States
My heart is full, after watching this amazing movie again, after so many years. I humbly pray my life might reflect the same Christ-like love for others, the same forgiveness, the same bravery, the same knowledge of the Savior as the ten Boom family. They have truly earned their place beside God and His son, Jesus Christ.
Terry from United States
i love this site and family
cheryl from United States
What an amazing tour! I enjoyed it so much. I had seen Corrie's move The Hiding Place when I was kid. Some years later my parents bought me her book The Hiding Place, and I've already lost then count of how many times I've read it. The courage and love of the Ten Boom family has made a great impact in my life. Specially in the aspect of forgiveness. I pray that someday I might personally visit the Ten Boom museum.
Abigail from Mexico
I wept watching and listening to the virtual tour. The power of Christ shines through the whole story. Thank you for the blessing of it. I know as troublesome times are coming like the world has never known, soon all Christians will be persecuted as never before. This story is for such a time as this. I particularly felt the Holt Spirit leap within me as the story of the train ticket was told. How relevant for the tribulation! May God give us all strength to endure to the end! In Jesus mighty name, Amen!
Kelly from United States
What a wonderful way to hear the testimony of Jesus!
Sara from Canada
I loved this! Corrie Ten Boom is an amazing woman. I am thankful for this virtual tour, because as much as I would love to go there I probably will never be able to afford it. This will be a great blessing to many.
Angela from United States
I visited Haarlem and the Museum in July (2011). Reading the book inspired me to visit. Thank you! I have been moved by both the book and the museum visit.
Lisa from United States
God bless,thank you for sharing. I recall seeing this movie & reading the book many years ago as a teen in church youth group. Am now currently reading Corrie's book Prison Letters. Hope to be able to visit this place for real some day. Have been sooo moved by all this over the years. <3
Lauralynn from United States
Everyone will be faced with a choice. I have made my choice and I stand with Israel. You have to be willing to identify evil and name it as such.
Kendell from United States
In 1984 help put the movie on in our home town and am now a Preacher of the KINGDOM OF GOD. What a BLESSING to hear the rest of the story.
This site has helped me tremendously because my english calss this year is covering the Hiding Place. I have needed information about the tne Boom family, pictures, and what the culture is/was like. I have found that Corrie was an amazing woman of faith. I would have loved to meet her. Unfourtnately, i was born in 1996 and did not have the chance of meeting this great woman. I just want to make a difference like Corrie did. Thank you for providing the information you have through this great site. Thank you. 🙂
Molly from United States
Corrie Ten Boom and the Ten Boom family ministry has continued to be a encouragement and blessing to many around the world for many decades. To God be the glory for this ongoing loving ministry and will no doubt continue to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the peace of Jerusalem!
Laura from United States
My mother became a Christian after reading Corries book, "A Prisoner and yet..." and I too was greatly impacted by this dear woman's love for Jesus. Thank you for this wonderful story, detailing more of the story within the home, which I had not yet heard. So well done. God bless you all.
Catherine from Canada
God bless Corrie and her family for the strength to endre such pain and the love for others. May we all learn from the ten Boom family that god is with us if we open our hearts to him.
Kelly from United States
Oh how beautiful this story much so that the vulger history of this time is wonderfully over shadowed by GODs Love for us....... Amen and may all who are not blind see the message here. Amen.....GOD BLESS ALL WHO VISIT..WITH AN OPEN HEART AND MIND THIS SITE HERE and help to reach all who seak an answer. Thank You GOD Bless.........11-9-2011 Mary
mary from United States
God Bless Israel, save you county I Lord. Protect them as you promised in your word. We wait on you. Rescue, A, heal, restore, deliver your people. In Jesus name.AMEN
Cheryl from Massachusetts
PABLO from Colombia
I would love to go into corries original home and take a look around it would make it more real and even more inspiring than reading the book to me would be actually standing in the space where it all began. She is an inspiration to me, her sister corries love and hope and joy in the midst of darkness made my eyes well with tears it also touched my heart. The hiding place convicted me that no matter what the circumstance i must be determined not to let praise leave my lips, i must not let my hope inchrist ever die i must press throught the storms of live and be a city on a hill. I would have loved to meet corrie and her entire family they will forever be an inspiration to me!! (:
Rebecca from United Kingdom
May the Living God bless all who come to this website! I hope to see the museum in Holland while I am on this earth. My heart and my spirit rejoice for souls such as Corrie ten Boom and her family. Thank you Mike Evans for your preservation and continuous endeavors for Christ!
David from United States
How inspiring...... Corrie's story changes me every time I read or hear it. It has shown me Gods love and faithfulness in brokenness that binds forgiveness and challenges us to do so forgive.
Caron from United States
I loved the tour on my computer of The Ten Boom Family home! They were very much a disciple of our Savior Jesus Christ. I will be happy to meet them someday in paradise.
Bonnie from United States
His word is the same today as yesterday and his love is forever even today as from yesterday that God cannot and will not fail just ask
Belinda from United Kingdom
So very moved by the video, though I know the story well it moved my heart to continue to stand for those who cannot help themselves.
Betty from Autralia
We were blessed to visit the Watch shop in 1996 and it was a blessing to take this tour on the computer today. We pray many will find Jesus through Corrie's story.
Don from United States
Corrie is one of my greatest role models!
Grace from United States
I lift my voice up to you God and ask for safe passages and your favor over your people, I ask blessings and Gods speed over each and everyone of them. In Jesus Christs mighty name we pray.
sandra from United States

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