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I read The Hiding Place about a month ago after hearing Glenn Beck discuss how it impacted his life. I believe that it was no coincidence that I then got a copy from the local library and set about reading it. I was dealing with some very difficult health issues at the time and this book gave me perspective. No matter what the Lord is always there in the midst. I so value the truths in this book and the stories of this great family that for Christmas I have decided to buy a copy of it for each person in my family. There is a time coming when we will need the truths this book has to offer. We must hide them away in our hearts and stand on them when darkness settles upon this earth. Jesus is victory.
Michelle from United States
Corrie ten Boom has been a blessing to my life since first knowing her from her movie in 1977. Amazing Grace! given to a family who chose to live in the Spirit of God rather than in the flesh of man. I am so happy to discover there is a museum! I gave away my copy of "The Hiding Place" because it was too wonderful to keep but recently purchased it for my Kindle. Our God is a Marvelous God! I will stand with Israel and God's people in Jerusalem with Glenn Beck Aug, 2011 joined in prayer that nothing like this terror with befall humanity again.
Mary from United States
I found your web site after watching you at Glen Beck's Restoring Courage event from Israel this week. You made such a power presentation and I found my self looking for you on the internet and I found the TenBoom Museum. The presentation was powerful both at Restoring Courage and TenBoom Museum, I cannot pray enough for the peace of Jerusalem and God's Chosen people/
Raymond from United States
Corrie's witness is as strong today as it was 40 years ago when I first read her book as a freshman in college. The world survived a terrible ordeal, but we still struggle today with horrible atrocities perpetrated against mankind against themselves. Our only hope...God. Our hope, our help, our hiding place.
helen from United States
I just got trough the Stain Glass theater in Ozark, Missouri just did the story of The Ten boom family and it was so interesting and good I came home and look it up on the computer may god bless you all
carolyn from United States
Wonderful! God Bless you!
Mary from United States
May God bless the Jewish people and protect them from their enemies. May God bring peace to all of Israel and her people.
Linda from United States
From time to time I've heard the name of 'Corrie ten Boom' come up in reference to quotations of spiritual insights. Now, thanks to Facebook, I found the link to this website, and now I finally know who Corrie ten Boom was. God bless the ten Boom family and all of their endeavors.
Catrina from United States
I have read The Hiding Place my whole life. Maybe 50 times. I will never forget the impact of Corrie's word in my life. I hope one day I can visit! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful website and museum.
Lauren from United States
I have read this story many times. My mom traveled to the Ten Boom home a purchased a ring from the shop. I grew up in the same church with the director of the hiding place that knew Corrie personally. All of this has made this story so personal to me. I look forward to the day when I am able to hang out in heaven and just chat with her and the rest of her amazing family. Thank you for making it possible to tour without going to Harlem. One day, I will make it. Until then I continue that as people visit and walk the same steps this family did so many years ago, that the Lord's great name would continue to be made known for the nations!!
Venissa from United States
I love the Jews dearly I do see god's hand moving on his people I trust the Lord in standing on the promise He as given to his people I look forward to be going to see the museum in person but what a blessing it id to see this on a screen the Jews are dear on my heart.
John from Canada
It's great to see part of history en faith in Holland with family ten Boom.
Wilma from Holland
Thank you so much for this web-site. I have always wanted to visit the ten Boom home. This is such a blessing.
Janet from United States
I wish Corrie ten Boom was still alive today. We need her here. Israel needs her here. But, alas, we are all in the hands of our Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And we thank Him for sending us His only Son to redeem us and be our Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus). I know I would have loved Corrie ten Boom as a friend and also a great matriarch of our faith, full of wisdom and grace and love. May the Lord bless abundantly her remaining relatives alive today!
John from Florida
Blessed are Jerusalem, Israel and the Jewes.
Bo from Finland
May God continually bless all your efforts & sacrafice to ensure that the ten Boom family's love for those close to His heart never be forgotten. Corrie's message: "There is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still" brings tears to my eyes. To be able to love and give your life for those who could cost your own; hoping for survival while headed for disaster...praying & trusting God for His great miraculous intervention...with no sure guarantees...believing beyond all logic that the reason you are where you are is to save those of His choosing.
Thank you all so very much for this beautiful Museum tour!!! I pray we never ever forget the cost many have paid, as Corrie ten Boom and her family did.
Jo from United States
Corrie ten Boom was truly an amazing person. She showed her faith so greatly and we should all appreciate her doings. Thank you, Corrie.
Taylor from United States
Very touched by the museum presentation. Drew me closer to God as I listen to the faith of the ten Boom family. Thank you for sharing it with the world. May we never forget. I, too, will be praying for Israel.
Wanda from United States
God Bless The Jewish people and I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and God Bless Israel. I pray we have the strength and wisdom of the ten Boom's if we should be called of God to help whoever needs us.
Deb from United States
My wife Cyndie and I visited the Ten Boom home as part of our vacation in 2000 and were deeply moved when actually experiencing the environment of where God worked so mightly. St. Bavos was also deeply moving as we sat and listened to the mighty organ playing praise to our King. We also experienced the passion play at Oberamagau which only happens every 10 years so all in all we were blessed to visit these places. Thanks for the virtual tour. It's like being there again and seeing our own pictures come alive. At the time of Corrie's passing to glory my mother was the head nurse at the hospital where she was treated and mentioned that Corrie was a generous and gracious patient to be with and was a joy to all who tended to her. A truelly faithful servant to the end.
Scott from United States
Love for God end peace over the hole world for all the peaple.
Beppie from Netherlands
Thank you for this amazing story in this form. I was extremly blessed by seeing it. How we need to follow the Ten Boom example and pray for G-D's people, and The Peace of Jerusalem. May it encourage many to pray. Blessings and Shalom on all who view it.
Joy from United Kingdom
I am so touched by Corrie ten Booms story I have shed many tears while touring her home and learning of her families story. I thank you for making me aware of such strength and faith as shown by the ten Boom family. I again offer my pray to God for peace in Israel and the Israeli peoples safety. I would ask likeminded people to join me in prayer as well for President Obama to know in his heart that we must remain Israel's strongest and best ally always no matter what the rest of the world does. Israel is the chosen land of Gods people and we must never forget that.
Regina from United States
I am so thankful the Holy Spirit lead me to this site. It has been such a true blessing to experience the love that the Boom family had for God and His people. So much love they gave and even today that love continues though others. And I want to be part of sharing that love with others through the blood of Christ.
NELLIE from United States
I enjoyed the video tour. It reminded me of the tremendous blessing I received when I saw and heard Corrie over 30 years ago. Also I've been blessed by reading The Hiding Place and seeing the movie several times. It will be an honor to be part of the prayer team.
Susan from United States
If only the world had more people like the ten Booms. I pray that when the time comes I too can be strong in my faith and always do the right thing.
Cathy from United States
Blessed and deeply touched. Overwhelming in awe!!!
Teresa from United States
God bless Jerusalem and the Jewish people!
Reanna from Italy
Thank you!
Terry from United States
DELMAR from United States
We are old enough to have seen Corrie on TV and hear her messages..she was a special lady and an Amazing lady as was her whole family, I am afraid this world is about to enter into a time that will Nazi Germany look like kindergarteners! May all that visit here, come to Jesus...
What a beautiful website and tribute to Corrie and her family! Found it on Facebook.
Lianne from From
I've been drawn to read "The Hiding Place" recently, and heard quotes by Corrie ten Boom here and there, and today saw this online tour and am blessed to have my commitment to the Lord be given practical ways to bless His people by joining forces with the Jerusalem Prayer Team here and on facebook. I pray this story is shared far and wide, as a time of persecution has again revisited this world and the Day of the Lord seems to draw near.
Brooke from United States
I was born in 1968. Six years later Jesus appeared in front of me, to where my eyes could see Him clearly. He spoke encouraging things to me. This encounter enlarged my faith immensly. His Love has no comparison. I knew that my life would be spent searching for more of Him. When I became old enough to begin hearing of how the Jews were treated, a fight rose up in me, and I was completely horrified. The Holocaust and slavery were absolutely unexceptable. My heart has always been stired with great compassion, every time I think of what our brother and sister's endured. I love the Corrie ten Boom family and am greatful for their warrior spirit. Praise the Almighty for their courage inspite of what this family faced. Lord, thank You that You gave them the courage and strength when they would have need of it. Lord, continue to fill us with who You are. In Jesus name, I pray. Wendy Winans
Wendy from America
Thank you for this Museum remembering the Ten Boom family and their willingness to follow Gods Word and His commands
Donna from United States
Wonderful presentation and testimony. God Bless you in your ministry.
Lisa from United States
I have both her books and she brought me to God in her movie the Hidding place back in the 70's
paula from United States
I have read Corrie's books and I have a tape of hers called "God's Logistics are perfect" and I listen to it often. The Jews are God's chosen people and we certainly better be praying for them. I believe we better be looking for the Lords return and be ready for it. I will be praying for Isreal.
Janet from United States
I totally enjoyed the tour. I read Corrie's books as a teenager many many years ago and never forgot her or her story. Today I was looking up some names of people I had read about and heard of and fell onto this sight. I am glad I did, it has been inspiring. I have signed on in the prayer and will continue to pray for Israel and the Jewish people. Thank you ever so much for having this site available I will be back to retour it often as long as it is still up and running. I believe it is a good thing to remind ourselves where we have been in order to prayfully not repeat history. God Bless you and continue the great work that was started over 100 years ago, what a legacy. Praise the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord for all you have done, going to do and presently doing in our lives.
Helen from United States
What a touching & inspiring story that I will share with my 7th grade students after reading Anne Frank's Diary. May God Bless you & your message.
I'm Sitting Here So Very Aware Of The Presence Of The Holy Spirit. I'm In Awe, Somehow I Know I Will Never Be the same. Something Is Happenening, Something Is Changing.
Barbara from United States
Thank you for the virtual tour. When I was a teen I read the Hiding Place. I have never forgotten how this book reminded me God is good all the time.
Brenda from United States
I want to finish my tgohuht here. If God treated us fairly Jesus would have never died on the cross. and we would have never been offered salvation. I praise God that He loves me, He never fails me and He goes to plan B and on. Look ho w He blessed Israel, they sinned and went away from God countless times, but He was faithful and loved them any way. Romans 5:8 But God commended His love toward us, in that while we were sinners Christ died for us. Praise be to God!
Adem from bLGhseKm
I've read The Hiding Place Several times. Knowing God brought the Ten Booms through many trials and that He truly was there has always been with me. What an inspiration Corrie has been to my life. I have since gone through dark days and it is true God is always thre and has never left me. It is true, also, that there is never a pit so dark that God's love is not deeper still. Thank you for sharing this beautiful place.
Carol from United States
I had the awesome privilege of seeing her in person once, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she spoke. A dear friend and myself went and I wanted to go up and speak with her afterward but I was too shy (in my early 20's then). I have always regretted that. She has been my example of a true heroine!! I look forward to meeting her in Heaven.
Anna from United States
May the Grace of God be with us all.
Donna from United States
thanks famyly ten boom casper, for testimony for forgivenes and love Jewish people blessing again thank you a lot
elizabeth from United States
Such a caring, devout christian, she is a symbol of peace to the world, along with her family she protected so many people, she will never be forgotten.
Margaret from United States
i wish I had the unwavering faith and love the ten booms had..i always read their story over and over and each time it is a truly comsuming reverence,i cant express how it is a love for JESUS and his jewish people and holy land,then finally to us gentiles adopted into his family..THAN YOU GOD FOR THE TEN BOOMS AND THEIR FAAITHFULNESS TO YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE..AMEN
DONNA from United States
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