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Thank you for keeping Corrie and her family alive. I understand a bit more about the mustard seed. God can do so much if I just give him a little. I am thank flu for His desire to give me more than i could ever ask or think. Corrie said just realizing she just needed to hold out her hand for forgiveness and God did the amazing. Praise to Him who never gives up on us.
patricia from United States
Es un gran ejemplo y testimonio el que la familia Ten Boom ha dejado a todos. En especial a los cristianos, porque en realidad si marcaron la diferencia como cristianos. Se negaron a si mismos y tomaron la cruz de Cristo, algo que ya nadie quiere hacer en estos tiempos. Que El Se�or nos ayude a seguir su ejemplo y a vivir como realmente quiere El que vivamos!!
Tania from El
Thank you for this stunning tour of the Ten Boom Museum, which made the story of the Tem Boom Family come to life for me. I am praying for the peace and safety of the Jews even now, as her Israeli citizens in the Gaza strip are under attack by Syria in these past few days. May God keep His loving Hand over these blessed people and allow no weapon formed against Israel to prosper; and will also keep your ministry in my prayers. Thanks again for posting this museum tour!
Aileen from United States
Thank you for sharing with us your story and i stand with Israel
Juan from United States
I have been blessed by the life of this family I thank God
William from United States
Your doing well with the plan of the ministry everythings are organize , I pray Elohim YOHOVAH bless you and keep me update with your programs and my request to you to send for me some reading Books thank you .
Hearing Ms. Corrie Tenboom's testimony at the Target Center in MN, years ago touched me in a way that never happened before. I thought if Corrie can forgive those who were mean to her and had raped her sister Besty their in that awful prison then I want to accept Jesus to so I would be able to forgive l
Thank you for the virtual tour and for sharing this wonderful message of GOD'S unfailing love, grace, faithfulness and the power of forgiveness. I thank God for leading me to your website and reminding me to love. GOD bless the work of the Jerusalem Prayer Team. Thank you.
Nathalie from Canada
Thank you for the wonderful and touching tour. The Ten Boom family are real messengers who were sent by God to help us learn to forgive. God Bless
Anne from Canada
Heelo, i'm from Brazil, and i'm reading the book "A Tramp for the Lord" and I'm loving! Wonderfull history!! 😀 God bless you! Ol�a, estou lendo o livro "Andarilha para o Senhor" e estou amando! Maravilhosa a hist�ria da Corrie e sua irm� Betsie!!
Bianca from Brazil
The world needs more ten Boom families to stand for Israel and the Jewish people today. God bless Israel! Long and peacefully may she prosper!
Valerie from United States
Amazing storie!! Thank You! Thank You! for putting this virtual tour together for all to see! Corrie Boom's story has and will ignite and inspire peoples Faith and Forgivness across the globe!! What a privalege it is to be a christian and be a child of God ! Praise the Lord forever and ever !!
Ruth from United States
I had not heard this story before and was lead to it by watching a Glenn Beck show. What a moving story on the power of God to give us the strength to overcome the most evil acts and be able to forgive and love. I wish I could have known Corrie and I'm sure she is now with God and her family;they have showed us that faith in God can produce such great acts of human kindness, sacrifice and love.
Joe from United States
Blessings on the te Boom family who gave their lives for the Jewish people and for thosee who continue to share this message. My prayers are for the Jewish people. God used them to write down God's Word for the world to know about our wonderful Lord and Savior. Beverly J Colby
Beverly from United States
I just wnted to say how mUch I enjoyed touring the museam online . as I read the hiding place I can visualize the home.
annette from Canada
Estarei orando. Estou relendo o livro ref�gio secreto. Deus aben�oe voc�s.
Cassia from Brazil
gracias por ayudarnos aver la perpesctiva de Dios atravez del sufrimiento deperosnas como la famiali Ten Boon y su �lan maravilloso en las naciones
olga from Colombia
Corrie has been my guiding light ever since the first year i became a Christian after seeing the Hiding Place.I have always wished i could be just like her.God bless her life and work which still goes on now that she is gone
Pat from United States
I pray for Israel every day...Thank you for what you have done to bring this great story to the world.
Jean from United States
I am thankful to have finally begun reading the book that i seen my grandfather reading in his recliner when i was just a girl. It's amazing how this story has touched me and even made me realize that i have a jewish ancestry and i am proud of it. My grandfather died when i was only 11,he layed down on his couch after a day of work to take a nap and had a massive heart attack in his sleep and i was given this book by my grandmother who died when i was 19.I was told that my grandfathers mother had came across seas on a ship to escape the camps and my grandfather was born here in america.I thank God for everything daily and know we will all be together in heaven one day.Proud to be a Jewish heir and faithful follower of Christ.God bless you!!!
Jennifer from United States
I am a Messianic Jew. In 1981 someone gave me a copy of the Hiding Place. The Lord used it to show me true faith; one that endures and prospers in adversity. The Ten Booms will be among the first I will seek out when I enter heaven. I pray many in the church would develop a Ten Boom like love for my people and the land God gave to us. May we in the church living in freedom, stand strong for our brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer persecution for the sake of the Gospel. I wear a wristband for the suffering church. "I wear this wristband in solidarity with my brothers and sisters in Christ, who share my faith but not my freedom." Finally I thank the Mike Evans ministry for preserving the Ten Boom home and for the incredible tour of the Corrie Ten Boom museum.
Les from United States
Very touching and emotional story; one of tremendous courage forged by her faith. What an example to follow!!
Heidi from United States
I hope that the story of the ten Booms will live on even after the rapture and during the tribulation. I love hearing the story of this brave God driven family. I hope that many people are moved and come to know Christ through this incredible story and also this very tragic story. Yet I feel that it is not fully bad when true Christians die. I think that yet through the loss of the earthly7 body and end of teachings the bright is that they are in better place. This life really is tragic.
Abigail from United States
I love Corrie ten Boom and her family.She is truly a gift from God to a starving world. Her selflessness and love for all humanity is a testament to the world. Thank you for keeping God's message alive through the museum and the postings you share on Facebook. I share them daily as we must never forget........
Deborah from United States
I have always loved books. I don't know how it exactly came about, but in my early teen years, I only read books about the Holocaust and the fates of Jews -- and Gentiles who saved and hid them, like the ten Booms did. This included the book "The Hiding Place", among others and when finishing the book I wished I could see Corrie face to face. But I was born to late for this, and know I have to wait some years, I guess. 🙂 I love the Jewish people and will always stand up for them and I will tell my children (when the time comes to marry and have children) about the fate of the Jews -- not only about the Holocaust, but about all those centuries of persecution all over the world, which still continues today. I hereby declare: "NEVER AGAIN!!!" Never again shall Israel be uprootet, never again shall the Jews be persecuted, never again shall the Shoa happen and we look away!!! God's answer to the Holocaust was the foundation of the JEWISH STATE ISRAEL!!! AM ISRAEL CHAI!!!! THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL LIVES!!!
Anna from Germany
Many years ago I was drawn to read The Hiding Place. The name Corrie caught my attention. I lost a daughter in 1983. Her name was Corie. After reading her story, I decided if one woman could lose her whole family and survive, I could survive losing Corie. It was the beginning of my grief work. It took me 15 years to heal and give up my Corie to God. When I was at my saddest, I would pray that God end my life. I am so glad that prayer was not answered. From her death came an empathy I might not have had with my students. I have three children and eight grandchildren now. They are my blessings. I am so glad that god did not answer that prayer. God is all knowing. God is good.
Gayla from United States
Love the messages you represent about Jesus Christ our Savior. Have seen a few posted on FB and love them. Thank you for sending out positive thoughts.
Barbara from United States
I visited this home in 1994. What a beautiful lesson for all of us. God is good and greatly to be praised.
Donna from United States
The love of the Ten Boom family is an amazing story. I have read most of Corie's books her love and mercy shown to all she came into contact with is such a testament of God's love and forgiveness for all. As she forgave her tormentors she was set free to bring that freedom to the world. Her families story is beautiful the fully layed down life for the love of God. Not by might not by power but by the Spirit of the Living, Loving, God, Jesus Christ Our Lord. Thank you for keeping her and the Ten Boom families story alive in the hearts of all. May the word of the Lord go forth and accomplish all that it was sent to do. Many Blessings, Marsha McArthur
Marsha from United States
I can't begin to tell you how much this book has moved me, and to see this video makes me feel like a part of me was there. I pray Corrie's message never goes unheard.
Ginger from United States
Your words are water for a thirsty soul and spirit.
Linda from United States
I loved the virtual tour and did not want it to end. Beautiful story of a beautiful family-- God is so very faithful. I cannot wait to meet them all one day in heaven!
Renee from United States
Since I was girl and saw The Hiding Place movie for the first time, I have sought to follow after the Lord with all my heart, just like Corrie. I pray for the strength she found when hard times come my way. Jesus is always faithful!
Kathi from United States
no greater love then to give their lives for others
karen from United States
I Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem, Israel, & The Jewish Nation !! God Loves The People Of Israel & So Do I !! 🙂 CARL P. SCHNIBBE
Carl from United States
Thanks for the testimony of Corrie ten Boom. A family that stood with Israel in their PRAYERS.As I watched the video of the ten Boom family in their devotion to the Lord manifested in supporting Israel and the Jews, my passion to pray for Israel was further rekindled and that my family and the Word of Life Church will continue to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem,for the conversion of the Jews,regathering of the Jews as we have started this commitment since 1994.As gentile believers we owe our Salvation through them.In response, we pray for them.
Aurelio from Philippines
I have read all the books written by Corrie, and I've been truly inspired by her love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Corrie was an incredible woman and I admire her courage and bravery through the worst human atrocity the world has ever known. God is Glorious as He stayed by her and her family. I will continue to pray for the legacy of her family. What a Blessing that Corries home is opened for the world to experience God's joy through this museum. God Bless you always. Sincerely, Patti
Patti from United States
God bless Jesus.
Bob from brazil
thanks dr mike for all you do for our dear jewish bro and sisters.i believe that prophetically we are in the greatest time in history and even a greater time for the jews of matter what we see in the natural god is working behind the scenes to protect our jewish families there in israel and jesus is coming to show his grace to all the people of israel! thanks again larry pate
lsrry from United States
Busy reading Corrie's book - The hiding Place, what a inspiration for me!! God is great!!! Amen
Petro from South
Today I finished watching the movie "The Secret Retreat" and really loved it. I pray that the lives of Tem Boom is imitated by all Christians.
Francisco from Paraguay
May GOD bless HIS people and bring peace back to their land.The persecution has gone on far to long.
John from United States
Thank you for this beautiful website and for continuing the story of Corrie ten Boom. She is a true hero of the faith.
David from United States
I can remember hearing about this wonderful family at my church in the early 70's and about The Hiding Place. Glen Beck brought it back to me today about this wonderful family and what they did in the name of love and being true Christians.
Bev from United States
I am going to teach my teen class about Ms. ten Boom. Her story is awe inspiring.
Melinda from United States
I continue to reivece so many genuine compliments on our photos. They are ALL absolutely stunning! In fact, one of my co-workers asked us, very straight-forward like, how we were ever going to chose, because they were all so great. Beau, your work is beautiful, honest, and heartfelt. There is no doubt that you have an eye for exquisiteness when you capture, and also when you edit, each moment. You are more than just a photographer at a wedding, you really add a seasoning of fun to the entire day.When we look back at our photos it is almost as if we are able to re-live our day. Thank you so much, and we will be recommending you to anyone and EVERYONE. Best!
Gregory from kFVeCojZKrw
Thank you Lord for the faithful.
Dawn from United States
I am ashamed of how Christians, myself included, often take advantage of our blessings, and how we do not have to suffer the persecution that the Jews endured. We are told in the Bible that they are God's chosen people, and we are to love them. I pray that there will never again be another Holocaust, that someday the Jewish people will be allowed to live in peace, and that they will discover the love of Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach.
Gary from United States
My heart is full, after watching this amazing movie again, after so many years. I humbly pray my life might reflect the same Christ-like love for others, the same forgiveness, the same bravery, the same knowledge of the Savior as the ten Boom family. They have truly earned their place beside God and His son, Jesus Christ.
Terry from United States
i love this site and family
cheryl from United States

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