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  • Roberta
    United States

    CommentsAs a 10th grade high school English teacher, in Westlake, Louisiana, I have been teaching The Hiding Place for ten years. Ordering the new book. Would like to teach the one about Betsie, too!

  • Cheryl

    CommentsThank you for this wonderful virtual tour of the home and hearing of Corrie's story again. I have read all of her book and also have the video the Hiding Place. What a mighty story of our God's love and forgiveness. Thank you for this website. I know it will bless all who get to view it. Many are still coming to know Christ by the sharing of the ten Boom story. May God continue to bless this ministry of sharing His love for all who will listen.

  • Karen
    USA (Louisiana)

    CommentsI have only now found this site for Corrie Ten Boom. When I was 12 years old, my grandmother gave me a book by Corrie Ten Boom of everyday readings.. stories of inspiration and courage that she received in the concentration camp. I believe this book has made me the woman I am today. I know for a fact that her experiences have taught me the power of our Lord and Saviors love and sacrifice. I cannot say in words how much I owe Corrie Ten Boom, but I believe she knows it somehow in Heaven! God Bless her and her family for the work they have done for Jesus Christ! God bless them! Karen Coaker Sanchez

  • Steve

    CommentsI got to meet Corrie as a young teenager in Denver Colorado in the 70's. Her testamony and the message she carried still effects me today.

  • Betty



  • Colette Eppes
    United States of America

    CommentsWhat a wonderful way to keep Corrie Ten Boom and her miraculous story alive. My parents took me and my three siblings to the theater to see "The Hiding Place". I remember my father wearing a suit.This was for us,like going to church but in a movie theater. I thank God for this wonderful website. It will be a blessing to all who visit here.

  • Alena

    CommentsAs a young teenager I read her book, The Hiding Place. Throughout my life she came to mind as I went through personal hard times; loss of my husband at 37 and 13 years later my brain tumor diagnoses/surgery. Although, what I experienced is nothing in comparison, her faith and testimony speaks loudly to the working of Christ in and through her. I wish I could have met her and sat down to talk with her. What a blessing that would have been. Thank you for a virtual tour that we are able see and to have a peek into her life. I pray for the peace of Israel. It has become a burden on my heart. Blessings.


    CommentsCuando realmente abrimos nuestro corazón a Dios para que el haga su voluntad y su propósito, dejamos de ser unas personas que solo pensamos en nosotros y nos encargamos de poder ayudar a los demás.

  • Torraine

    CommentsEnjoyed the tour.What a Godly woman,even after the horrid circumstances-she did forgive,and was blessed by the LORD to show others how to do also.I have met people who I thought were"heroes", but none compare to what I've read and seen,here.She is surely one of GOD'S generals.I look for more literature concerning her and her mission. Thank You so very much<3

  • Misti
    United States of America

    CommentsThank you for the virtual tour. What a blessing.

  • Amber

    CommentsWhat a privilege to put my name in this register. When I was a child I was given the book "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom. It changed and impacted my life forever. Since that introduction I have reread that book nearly every year and each time walk away more blessed. Corrie managed to touch my life with her words about her faith through such despair.Our Heavenly father used her faith and commitment to Jesus Christ and gave me such inspiration and blessed me beyond measure. I look forward each day to seeing the devotional readings and each day God still uses Corrie to bless my life and hopefully pass it on to others.

  • Kenneth

    CommentsMay God bless the witness of the ten Boom family and our witness to the glory of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Kelly-Jo
    United States of America

    CommentsI am an adjunct professor of history and have written papers and lectures on Corrie ten Boom in the 1990s. I was so excited that the Lord gave me the privilege to speak of her on a university campus (where Billy Graham was once president) in the very same building where she had visited and had given a talk. This woman's story of love and dedication to Christ is a wonderful example for us to follow, to not shrink back even from death as it says in Hebrews 10. I am glad for this museum site and pray I may see it with my own eyes one day.

  • Donna
    United States

    CommentsBlessed be God forever!

  • Felicia

    CommentsIt is interesting the after 40 years I am being led to reconnect with Miss ten Boom, her work and life. I did hear her speak in 1974 when I lived in Illinois. Our Lord also has me praying for Israel, which, I just learned from your site, was what her family did for 100 years. Truly amazing & inspiring. I am an intercessory prayer warrior, so if there are specific things that need prayer please send me them via email & I will add them to my list.
    By His love & grace, Felicia Music



  • Ann
    United States

    CommentsI am so thankful that Corrie Ten Boon survived. It is sad that she lost her family in such a horrible way. It is important that people do remember that Nazi Germany did happen and that they did slaughter thousands and thousands of Jewish people.

  • Bong

    CommentsThank you for all that you do to help spread the message of GOD'S LOVE and gift of salvation in the LORD JESUS CHRIST! I love the Jewish people, the chosen people of GOD, and pray for them! Thank you for reminding everybody to pray for Jerusalem! The ten Boom Family's testimony and life-story has been used of the LORD to remind me of HIS unfailing goodness and faithfulness to all HIS children! And to never stop loving and obeying the LORD no matter what! Praises and glory to GOD!

  • Joanna

    CommentsThank you for this virtual presentation so I could visit the museum and learn more about what the ten Booms did. A time is coming when I think we will need many like them to help Jews and Christians again. It has inspired me to be prepared to be like them. Heavenly Father, the city You love, where you have placed your name, is not in peace. I know this is Your plan and you are working it out. Bring peace to Jerusalem and bring about Your redemption. Glory to your Name!

  • suzy

    CommentsCorrie and her family are a great example of how we should love and forgive others. And how to be thankful, to our Lord, even through trials. "Lord, please help us to be a light in the darkness of this world". The TenBooms were a great example of this light.

  • Corey

    CommentsWhen my mom was pregnant with me she read a Corrie Ten Boom's books and therefore got inspiration for my name. I feel so blessed to be named after such a wonderful woman and godly woman.

  • Kay
    United States

    CommentsWhen I was in my mid teens I read the book, "The Hiding Place", then saw the movie. In my later teens I was blessed when Corrie Ten Boom visited my church in Marion, Indiana. I was so moved by "The Hiding Place", but listening to Ms Ten Boom's personal account of her life and experience during WWII left an imprint on my life that continues 45 years later. I remember her holding up the stitched cloth with the scattering of loose threads. I felt like that was my life. Then she turned it around to show the order God could make of the confusion that one makes of their life without God. I was touched by the forgiveness that she showed so many during her life...with God's unrelenting help. To this day I hold her life up as an example of what God expects of me whenever I face comparably trivial challenges in my life. God bless those who continue their dedication to the Jewish nation and to those who continue to tell Corrie Ten Boom's timeless story of God's love!

  • Bill Danner

    CommentsThis is one of the most inspirational stories of Christ-like love that I've seen. A beautiful story.

  • Pamela
    United States

    CommentsI saw the movie the Hiding place and was so touched at the Ten Booms sisters faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I too pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

  • Penelope
    United States

    CommentsCorrie's story has changed my life more than any other book ever written, except the Bible. Thank you for carrying on the legacy she left for all of us. What a stunning example of God's love was the Ten Boom family.

  • Renee
    United States

    CommentsThis should inspire all of us to do God's work.

  • Jill

    CommentsI read the Hiding Place when I was in my teens. I was inspired by their courage to hide the Jews. I named my first daughter's second name after Corrie!

  • Sonja

    CommentsWhen 'The Hiding Place' came to one of our 2 theaters when I was a young teen, my mother took my sister and I to see it, by ourselves. She did not stay. She opened our minds to the horrors of life and war, and opened our hearts to the beauty of good people. I have had Christ in my soul for as long as I remember, and my love of Him only deepened upon learning the TenBoom story. One day I hope to visit the museum.


    CommentsCon admiración a la familia ten Boom que con los medios a su alcance lograron salvar las vidas de seres humanos perseguidos por el régimen nazi dictatorial e intolerante. Hay que seguir el ejemplo de valentía y la capacidad de perdonar de Corrie ten Boom.

  • Sören Pettersson

    Thank you for this visit, it really broadened my horizons as a Christian. What depth of love and the transfer, really something to learn from. Wish you God bless your work to preserve the memory and the museum. Hug from Soren in Sweden.

  • Pat Vang

    CommentsI pray for all Christians and Jews all over the world to come together at this terrible time in Israel for God's protection on their land and the strength for his people there to endure.I have loved Corrie many years and she is one of the reasons I am today a Christian who tries to follow her example .

  • Donald

    CommentsI pray that the prime minister of Israel will listen to the holy spirit and let the spirit guide him in prayers for the Nation of Israel and the people..IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!!

  • donald


  • Francisco Cantoni

    CommentsToday I finished watching the movie "The Secret Retreat" and really loved it. I pray that the lives of Tem Boom is imitated by all Christians.

  • Marge
    United States

    CommentsI pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel.
    May peace come for all of Israel and all of the
    people of the world.

  • Andreas

    CommentsThank you! We have a great testimony of the family Ten Boom to to help other people and to learn to forgive even our enemies. God bless you<11

  • Lynn
    United States

    CommentsI first heard Corrie TenBoom in the early 1970's in southern California when she spoke at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Her testimony is powerful and I was extremely moved when I saw the movie "The Hiding Place" for the first time. My children not only saw the movie, but read the book as well. In light of current world events, continued prayer for the peace of Israel is paramount. I was moved once again by the virtual museum and am indeed praying for the peace of Israel. Maranatha (even so, come Lord Jesus)!

  • Gary
    United States

    CommentsI, first, heard about The Hiding Place, when a teacher's aide was reading Corrie's book, while I was a seventh grade student, in 1973.

    Between 1974 and 1977, I would estimate how I read Corrie's book 20 or 25 times and, when the movie came out, I having been deafened at the age of ten) knew what was going on, without hearing.
    I even realized that they'd changed the jailhouse scene, where the German guard told Mr. ten Boom he could stay home to the back of the military truck.

    This is an awe inspiring story and I have always loved it.

  • Joanne

    CommentsPraise the Lord for His Faithfulness in taking care of his children. We are already praying for Israel. We want to stand with our brothers and sisters that our God is on His throne and that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. That our God would strengthen the hands and the feeble knees of the Jewish people in the time that they are going through.

  • Natali Brust

    CommentsUm dos livros que primeiro li na minha juventude, foi o Refúgio Secreto. Maravilhoso . Testemunho que deixa marcas no coração e na mente.

  • McKenzie Iszler

    CommentsI loved corrie's book, The Hiding place and really want to go to the museum. What an amazing family and woman.

  • Linda

    CommentsWonderful lives of love and forgiveness for all of us to live by.Thank you..

  • Trae Lynn

    CommentsI read Corrie Ten Booms book, hiding place when I was but 16...I am now 52 and it still touches the deepest parts of my heart...I have not the strength she had and struggle daily...what I carrie with me is that even tho I know that Jesus is the Lord, and I don't feel him, her message brings him close to me each time. I am glad you are continuing her message...I pray for the world, it is in such hate and anger, love and forgiveness thru Jesus is the only cure for the ills of the world...Corrie was the epitome of the love and forgiveness of Jesus...

  • Carrie
    United States of America

    CommentsI recognized the name Corrie ten Boom from a friends post on facebook. It jogged my memory of some 40 years ago when I was a child. My mother and I frequently traveled from Ohio to Michigan and midway we always stopped for lunch at this roadside diner. It was something I always looked forward to because she wood buy me a magazine for children to read on the rest of the journey. That is where I first learned of Corrie ten Boom and her never failing faith and courage. I was inspired then to be a Christian. I'm so glad that I came across this website. God Bless you all for keeping the faith and being there for others.

  • Mark

    CommentsI have just gone through the virtual museum. I am very impressed. Great job and very informative and well done. I had the privilege of seeing Corrie in Hawaii when the movie, the Hiding Place came there. I had read the book and it had a big impact on my walk. I have given it away and used it many times, especially to show just what forgiveness can do for someone. To be able to forgive like this, and continue to live for Christ, is one of my inspirations even today.

  • Brenda Bowersock Rennels
    United States of America

    CommentsThink you so much for the opportunity you gave me to be able to visit the Corrie ten Boom Museum and to hear her wonderful story of love.
    I pray for the peace(Shalom) of Jerusalem and for all of Israel.
    You who live in the shelter of Elyon,
    who spend your nights in the shadow of Shaddai, who say to Adonai,"My refuge! My fortress!My God, in whom I trust!!"

  • Eunice Hooi
    Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

    CommentsI'm so amazed with this story of God's Power And faithfulness.
    i'm so happy, I want to share this to many people, friends and family as I can.

    And hope some day to visit the museum in person
    Love it!
    Thank you!

  • Ian
    United Kingdom

    CommentsSo ispiring.

  • Nadine Ford

    CommentsThank you so very much for the opportunity to get to know the Ten Boom family in their missions for Christ's work. I have not read the book nor watched the movie, but I will. My prayers are with the museum and Jerusalem as well as Israel. May God be with everyone who is touched as much as I was by this story and virtual tour.

  • Anna
    United States

    CommentsBeautiful message. Very wonderfully done. It is so nice to be able to visit the museum as I most likely will never get to in person. Thank you!

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