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  • Gregory

    CommentsI pray for God's continued blessing upon Israel as we enter this new season before Christ's return. I pray for the people of Holland and the rest of the world that there be a revival in the Church (body of Christ). I pray that we, the bride of Christ remain alert in anticipation to His coming, that we will not be asleep when that day comes.
    I also pray that the Ten Boom museum is a blessing to all who visit and that through it many will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

  • Robert

    CommentsOn behalf of your own people, thank you Corrie for leaving such an inspiration to our country.
    Sometimes the most encouriging and life changing people live right in front of you your quotes seem to go all over the world and i was oblivious to them. What an inheritance we have.
    This is my small tribute to recognize this woman of Faith. Her story encouriged me more than anyone elses ever could.

  • claudia

    CommentsOur Lord is so Big in his Love!

  • Carol
    United States

    CommentsPlease support this site and prepare with faith for challenging days to come. America needs to stand strong and become faithful like this family. We will face many of these same challenges! God will be there for us!

  • Lea

    CommentsMy husband and I visited the house of Corrie ten Boom last year. but it was also interesting to visit it on a virtuel tour! God bless!

  • Luis

    CommentsDear Brothers I am very happy about your beatiful pictorial. In our church we are learning a lot about Corrie in a biblical summer school, sorry my english is bad. Thanks for all. Your material is very interesting.

  • Sandy

    CommentsBeautiful pictorial, beautiful family full of love and prayers. I had the chance to meet Corrie years ago at a woman's prayer meeting.

    She is certainly the most loving person I have ever met. She shined God's light and love while she was alive and her testimony lives on!

    She is an inspiration to me and many some whom are christians, jewish people and the lost.

    Praying for our country the USA and praying for all in the world to know Jesus Christ!

  • Susan


  • Mark


  • Pamela Cooper


  • Janet

    CommentsWhat a beautiful memorial for a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us around the world. May it continue to inspire many more to sell out for Jesus, and not hold back anything from Him.

  • Vanessa

    CommentsGods put it on my heart to diligently pray for the peace of Israel & Jerusalem. I'm a christian, and have always had a fascination with Jewish people, and their culture. I found out recently, that there's a good chance I myself may be of Jewish decent. I have a special place in my heart for God and his chosen people. Its an honor to have discovered the Jerusalem prayer team, and I will make it a daily priority of mine to pray just as psalm 122:6 instructs us too. I love God, and Jesus Christ with all my heart, and I feel privileged to be able to pray for His people, and their land. I look forward to learning more about this ministry, and how I can be involved.


    CommentsGraças a HaShem por existir seres humanos tão maravilhosos como essa família.

    Tenho certeza, que o "SANTO BENDITO SEJA" já esta recompensando a todos!!!

  • Catherine
    United Kingdom

    CommentsToday I was shopping in the supermarket & the assistant who served me told me that her father was in a concentration camp in Germany during WW2. I told her about a christian lady Corrie Ten Boom & her book the Hiding Place. I said its a harrowing but amazing true book but it tells us of God's love. She wrote down her name & I hope that she finds this web page & more important she finds the love of Jesus Christ too. I've also discovered this webpage today so thank you for all the information & wonderful links with praying for Jerusalem!

  • Wyonna

    CommentsI know it is hard to be transparent with your faults and failings. It is needful for others to see how they overcame the Unforgiveness and anger. I pray that God will grant me the ability to love those who might persecute me. Thank you for this reminder of these righteous Gentiles.

  • Cynthia

    CommentsThank you so much for sharing and keeping the message alive!
    I admire what the Ten Boom chose to do and their story!
    I watch the movie a very long time ago, but it was amazing.
    It show how faith gets refined!
    The Lord was there but it took Connie some time to know. She question her faith!
    Thank you Lord for what they did!
    May they never be forgotten!

  • Laura
    United States


  • Rosana

    CommentsThank you Lord for leading me this morning to know more about Your Divine work and all that the Ten Boom family did and is doing for you children around the world. "Your Grace is sufficient". Lord Yeshua, please let me know what I need to do next.

  • Debbie

    CommentsWe are praying for all of you.

  • Ruth
    United States


  • Simmonds Family


  • Ronell
    South Africa

    CommentsThank you so much for this site that again emphasise that the Lord is true and great in all aspects. May we start again to pray for Jerusalem and the Jews and may the coming of the Lord be quickened in this troublesome time that we are living in. Praise His name!

  • JoAn

    CommentsGod bless the Ten Boom family and all other Christians...

  • Carol

    CommentsI so remember reading Corrie's book and also seeing the movie later on. Both made a real impression on me. Thank you so much for compiling this tribute to her and her family.

  • Katheryn
    United States of America


  • Katheryn
    United States of America


  • Micki
    United States


  • Amanda K. B. Slocumb
    United States


  • Blexys

    CommentsGracias por tan excelente trabajo con esta pagina. es fascinante, sublime y conmovedora. Puedo ver la mano del Eterno sobre sus vidas, todo lo que les toco vivir, el verdadero significado del perdón desde el corazón.
    Dios bendiga a Israel y a Holanda por haber ayudado a tantos judios

  • olga lucia

    Commentsgracias por ayudarnos aver la perpesctiva de Dios atravez del sufrimiento deperosnas como la famiali Ten Boon y su ´lan maravilloso en las naciones

  • tiny

    Commentsvrede voor jeruzalem dat het mag worden zoals God het voorzegd heeft

  • Gabriel


  • Tianna
    United States of America

    CommentsWhat bright shining stars of God who endured one of the darkest times of human history. May God bless everyone who is touched by their lives and story!

  • Karla
    United States of America


  • Rachel


  • Sheilah
    United States of America

    CommentsI love everything Corrie ten Boom stood for and believed in.I love everything I read about her expect when her life and family saw bad times . She was a loving God fearing Lady.
    God bless everything she stood for while she was living an how she lives in the lives of alot of people in this day an time .Because she always stood for what was right even when it endanger her and family lives.

  • Shigenori

    CommentsThank you very much for the wonderful testimony.
    I told this testimony to my four sons.

  • Delorma
    United States of America

    CommentsMany years ago I was given a copy of The Hiding Place and after reading it, it was passed to another while I looked for her later books. She changed the way I look at things.

  • Darleen

    CommentsI first saw The Hiding Place in a church I attended many years ago. I thank God for Corrie ten Boom. Her wisdom is so vast and full of educated knowledge. Her wisdom is a vital means of education and a great blessing.

  • Rita
    United States

    CommentsI have read all of Corrie's books. It all started with The Hiding Place in high school
    and I couldn't stop with just that one. What a BRAVE family. We could use so many more like them. One of these days I will get to visit the museum.


  • ORA

    Commentsi want to visit

  • Maggie Rose

    CommentsI read the hiding place for a High school lit class and was so moved by the story. Thank you so much for doing the online tour and keep the memory of this wonderful family alive.

    God Bless-

    - Maggie Rose

  • William
    United states

    CommentsI have been blessed by the life of this family I thank God

  • LISA


  • Richard

    CommentsWonderful story.

  • Linda
    United States of America

    CommentsThank you. I would never have been able to travel there, this was very inspirational and quickens my heart to do more for Jesus.

    united states of america

    Commentsi wish I had the unwavering faith and love the ten booms had..i always read their story over and over and each time it is a truly comsuming reverence,i cant express how it is a love for JESUS and his jewish people and holy land,then finally to us gentiles adopted into his family..THAN YOU GOD FOR THE TEN BOOMS AND THEIR FAAITHFULNESS TO YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE..AMEN

  • Jennifer

    CommentsEvery time I read about Corrie's life or read her writings, or just think about her and her life, I am blessed. Her life was about forgiveness and loving people. Forgiveness and love are a serious thing. I'm grateful for her example and I fear we may have opportunities to emulate it if we're not very careful.

  • Debora Vique

    Comments Muchas gracias por acercanos mas a lo que fue la vida de esta ejemplar hermana en Cristo!! Tengo 19 años y me siento desafiada con la vida que tuvo Corrie,su valentia y fuerza que tuvo y que solo la saco del Señor , me alienta a hacer lo mismo, muchas son las dificultades, pero DIOS las librara de todas ellas. Y asi lo hizo con Corrie y tantos que sobrevivieron para dar gloria a Dios. Orare por la paz de Jerusalem, es muy bueno que se siga haciendo, e incentivando, tambien seria bueno que lo hagamos por cada pais.Saludos a la Hermandad..Desde Argentina, Debi

  • Brian
    United States

    CommentsI have a deep and profound love and respect for Corrie and the Tenboom's. What an example of Christs love and forgiveness. May God bless you and the work you are doing.


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