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  • Shigenori

    CommentsThank you very much for the wonderful testimony.
    I told this testimony to my four sons.

  • Delorma
    United States of America

    CommentsMany years ago I was given a copy of The Hiding Place and after reading it, it was passed to another while I looked for her later books. She changed the way I look at things.

  • Darleen

    CommentsI first saw The Hiding Place in a church I attended many years ago. I thank God for Corrie ten Boom. Her wisdom is so vast and full of educated knowledge. Her wisdom is a vital means of education and a great blessing.

  • Rita
    United States

    CommentsI have read all of Corrie's books. It all started with The Hiding Place in high school
    and I couldn't stop with just that one. What a BRAVE family. We could use so many more like them. One of these days I will get to visit the museum.


  • ORA

    Commentsi want to visit

  • Maggie Rose

    CommentsI read the hiding place for a High school lit class and was so moved by the story. Thank you so much for doing the online tour and keep the memory of this wonderful family alive.

    God Bless-

    - Maggie Rose

  • William
    United states

    CommentsI have been blessed by the life of this family I thank God

  • LISA


  • Richard

    CommentsWonderful story.

  • Linda
    United States of America

    CommentsThank you. I would never have been able to travel there, this was very inspirational and quickens my heart to do more for Jesus.

    united states of america

    Commentsi wish I had the unwavering faith and love the ten booms had..i always read their story over and over and each time it is a truly comsuming reverence,i cant express how it is a love for JESUS and his jewish people and holy land,then finally to us gentiles adopted into his family..THAN YOU GOD FOR THE TEN BOOMS AND THEIR FAAITHFULNESS TO YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE..AMEN

  • Jennifer

    CommentsEvery time I read about Corrie's life or read her writings, or just think about her and her life, I am blessed. Her life was about forgiveness and loving people. Forgiveness and love are a serious thing. I'm grateful for her example and I fear we may have opportunities to emulate it if we're not very careful.

  • Debora Vique

    Comments Muchas gracias por acercanos mas a lo que fue la vida de esta ejemplar hermana en Cristo!! Tengo 19 años y me siento desafiada con la vida que tuvo Corrie,su valentia y fuerza que tuvo y que solo la saco del Señor , me alienta a hacer lo mismo, muchas son las dificultades, pero DIOS las librara de todas ellas. Y asi lo hizo con Corrie y tantos que sobrevivieron para dar gloria a Dios. Orare por la paz de Jerusalem, es muy bueno que se siga haciendo, e incentivando, tambien seria bueno que lo hagamos por cada pais.Saludos a la Hermandad..Desde Argentina, Debi

  • Brian
    United States

    CommentsI have a deep and profound love and respect for Corrie and the Tenboom's. What an example of Christs love and forgiveness. May God bless you and the work you are doing.

  • Lana Symonds

    CommentsThank you so much for showing us the lives of the Ten Boom family they are truly a inspiration of how we should LOVE like Jesus does. My prayer is that some day all people of all nations and nationalities will realize the Jewish people are God's chosen people and are worthy of LOVE.

  • Linda

    CommentsMy prayers are for all of the people and their families, that were made to suffer so very much. I pray that this never happens again to anyone. I pray for peace and that evryone in this whole world learns to get along.

  • Elizabeth
    United States

    CommentsI remember watching the movie, in church, when I was younger. It was very moving. I remember going to other church's to watch other movies. It was a great experience, to see them then be able to talk about what we had seen, in a christian surrounding. We need to go back to more of the church oriented activities. We spent more time doing or participating in church functions, not so many school activities.

  • Mary

    CommentsHearing Ms. Corrie Tenboom's testimony at the Target Center in MN, years ago touched me in a way that never happened before. I thought if Corrie can forgive those who were mean to her and had raped her sister Besty their in that awful prison then I want to accept Jesus to so I would be able to forgive l

  • brenda

    CommentsI wish I could be there to visit Corrie's home (museum). But, I was very blessed to take the virtual tour. I have been to Yad VaShem (1986). And, there had been planted another tree in her honor, as the original one planted there died shortly after she passed away. Her family was truly what CHRISTIAN means. To be IN CHRIST, AS HE WAS IN THEM.

  • Eaine
    South Africa

    CommentsThank you for the inspiration of being dedicated to the Lord in spite of the warfare waged against the Jews. Israel is the beloved of the most High and we are truly blessed because of that.

  • Donna

    CommentsThank you for this Museum remembering the Ten Boom family and their willingness to follow Gods Word and His commands

  • Gareth

    CommentsThe Ten Boom family are an inspiration.
    Their testimony of the faithfulness of God even in the midst of extreme evil is one that I pray will inspire followers of Christ today.
    We pray for Israel already, and will continue to do so.
    It is unlikely that we would ever be able to physically visit the Ten Boom home, so this is a wonderful opportunity to see and hear how God used the Ten Boom family and their home to rescue nearly 800 Jewish souls.
    Blessings on those who did the work to create this project.

  • Linda

    CommentsI now attend a Messianic Jewish Synagogue and have a special place in my heart for the Jewish people of G-d.

  • Patti
    United States of America

    CommentsI have read all the books written by Corrie, and I've been truly inspired by her love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    Corrie was an incredible woman and I admire her courage and bravery through the worst human atrocity the world has ever known. God is Glorious as He stayed by her and her family.
    I will continue to pray for the legacy of her family.
    What a Blessing that Corries home is opened for the world to experience God's joy through this museum.
    God Bless you always.

  • Christine

    CommentsCorrie's book, The Hiding Place, was the first Christian themed book I read after asking the Lord to be my savior at age 13. The Ten Boom families testimony has stayed with me all these years and has encouraged me in my walk with Christ. Whenever I struggle to forgive I'm reminded of Corrie's testimony.

    Thank you for creating this website. It was a pleasure to pass through each room in your video presentation. I feel as if I've toured it in person, something I wish I could do in person. Thank you for this blessing.

    God Bless you for the work you've done with the museum and this website. May God's face continue to shine upon the Jewish people.

  • Monique King

    CommentsThis has been a blessing to learn about the Ten Boom family. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I pray that there will be more people to stand up for Christ, to stand up for the Jews. I pray the the legacy of the Ten Boom family to always live on.

  • Judy

    CommentsCorrie tem Boom and her percious family have been so amazing and I have never forgotten her story since I first heard of her. I can't remember the name of the book, it was small and green; hard cover... but the inside is what I can't forget! I thank the Lord for people like her and her family, I am so greatful for the "train ticket" story as well as the tapestry. God Bless you all and God bless Isreal.

  • Michele

    CommentsI thank the Ten Boom family for all that they have taught me about forgiveness. I also pray for the Jewish nation. Now I know of all the Christians that I am part of praying for His special people. May God Bless all of you in continuing Corries and Her families legacy...

  • Emily

    Comments"THE HIDING PLACE" INTRODUCED me to Corrie in 1982 while recovering from a cancer surgery. My desire then was to meet this amazing woman of God, but she passed, before that was possible in this life. Then, with a 4yr.Old granddaughter on my lap while watching The Movie, Corrie spoke and tears flowed as I thanked The Lord to be able to actually see her speak. How fortunate that I have been able to receive and read many of her books. In fact I am presently rereading "IN MY FATHERS HOUSE" for the third time. The photos are special for me. Now to be able to come inside The Bookstore & Home is another blessing. Emily

  • Heidi Lefferts

    CommentsVery touching and emotional story; one of tremendous courage forged by her faith. What an example to follow!!

  • D'Amore

    CommentsThanks so much for this website! I loved going through the Museum. Corrie and Betsie are such great inspirations! Their unshaking faith is incredible. Reading her book 'The Hiding Place' was such a humbling experience.

  • Stephen

    CommentsGod Bless your efforts to bring the Gospel to the world and to the Jews.

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob take veil from the Jewish people's eyes and awaken the remnant church in these last days (Heb 10:10-25).

    For the Jewish people - check Rabbi Kaduri (Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri Reveals Yeshua is Messiah

    Stephen Hatton

  • Jonathan

    CommentsThank you for this wonderful site. I really enjoyed going through the 'Museum'. Corrie's father is such a great inspiration. And Corrie, Betsy, Nollie, Willem and the rest -what a great Christian family! Praying that Holland will become a truly Christian nation, and an example to the rest of Western Europe. And praying for the Jews, who are definitely the children of God - praying that they too will come to know Christ their Saviour and Lord!

  • David

    CommentsGod's hand and work through the Ten Boom's will touch everyone who see Corrie's story until we all meet again with loved ones in Heaven, the best is yet to come.. Favorite Corrie quote for me is " There is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still" WOW What HOPE!!!

  • Donna

    CommentsI had the privilege of hearing Corrie speak in person when I was a student at Moody Bible Institute in the early 1970s. Her and her family have been an inspiration to me in my faith journey. Corrie is a true heroine of the faith and I've always hoped and prayed that I would be as bold as the Ten Booms in similar circumstances. I agree that if you love Jesus that you must love the Jewish people. I pray often for the peace of Jerusalem. BTW, the visual tour is awesome and splendidly done.

  • Henry

    Commentsvery inspiring...

  • Debbie

    CommentsThank you for this wonderful website. I love the message and sacrifice of the TenBooms. They are an inspiration. Their sacrifice is humbling.

  • connie

    Commentswhat a wonderful story of a life who surely loved Christ .Corrie has been an inspiration to all of us love,forgive two most important things we can ever do.....God bless you!!!!!



  • Daiane

    CommentsI love Corrie Ten Boom's history. Ten Boom family is like personage from Acts of Apostles.

  • Ruth
    United States

    CommentsMy children and I enjoyed this tour after reading the Torchlighters Biography of Corrie Ten Boom. Thank you for making this available to us as I don't know that we will ever have the opportunity to visit in person. We have been encouraged by Corrie's testimony and great faith.

  • ossimar romero

    CommentsLe doy gracias a Dios por mi vida y le pido fuerza

  • Donna
    United States

    CommentsThe Ten Boom's were remarkable people and showed tremendous courage at a time when it would have been just as easy to look the other way. Corrie ten Boom continues to inspire me today. Oh for the courage, forgiveness, and love to show others as they have done. God Bless.

  • Marsha

    CommentsSuch a wonderful museum and memorial to the Ten Booms. What witnesses they were! With such zeal for God, they helped Jews in a time of distress in our world. Corrie and Betsy were so strong in their faith. What great examples of Christians. I hope to meet Corrie and Betsy in Heaven. Thank you for this virtual museum.

  • Michael

    CommentsMay the world learn from the past that what happen, so that it will never happen again>

  • Bevely Baker

    CommentsI have been touched by this book
    telling of the life of the Ten Boom
    family. I feel like I know them all.
    I only hope that my faith would be
    as strong as theirs when put through
    such terrible events. They had such courage
    and love for all people. Their Lives are
    an example for us to live by. I agree with
    you in prayer for the peace of Israel.

  • maria grazia cossu

    Comments I praise our lovely king Jesus for his mercy and unendless love for me and all The brother and sister that have The wonderful opportunity to hear and see this very special testimony . It is at a very perfect time of my life. My Heart burns for Israel and Jerusalem because of Jesus. Thank you my lovely king.

  • Tiffany


  • Lyn
    United States

    Commentsthank you so much for this virtual tour. Corrie continues to be an inspiration. Truly, this is one testimony of the Lord's Goodness that needs to be kept alive.

  • Barbara

    CommentsIt is difficult to put into words what "tanta" Corrie has come to mean to me. I am very humbled and grateful to have found this website and resource through the Lord Jesus leading today. I can only pray that like so many would say that when they talked with or listened to Corrie Ten Boom; they not only met her but more importantly Corrie's Christ - my prayer and fervent hope is before I go to meet Jesus people will meet Christ out of the same manner and Spirit. I thank the Lord for continuing to prosper her memory, ministry and her family's faith legacy. In Jesus I trust.


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