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  • David

    CommentsGod's hand and work through the Ten Boom's will touch everyone who see Corrie's story until we all meet again with loved ones in Heaven, the best is yet to come.. Favorite Corrie quote for me is " There is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still" WOW What HOPE!!!

  • Donna

    CommentsI had the privilege of hearing Corrie speak in person when I was a student at Moody Bible Institute in the early 1970s. Her and her family have been an inspiration to me in my faith journey. Corrie is a true heroine of the faith and I've always hoped and prayed that I would be as bold as the Ten Booms in similar circumstances. I agree that if you love Jesus that you must love the Jewish people. I pray often for the peace of Jerusalem. BTW, the visual tour is awesome and splendidly done.

  • Henry

    Commentsvery inspiring...

  • Debbie

    CommentsThank you for this wonderful website. I love the message and sacrifice of the TenBooms. They are an inspiration. Their sacrifice is humbling.

  • connie

    Commentswhat a wonderful story of a life who surely loved Christ .Corrie has been an inspiration to all of us love,forgive two most important things we can ever do.....God bless you!!!!!



  • Daiane

    CommentsI love Corrie Ten Boom's history. Ten Boom family is like personage from Acts of Apostles.

  • Ruth
    United States

    CommentsMy children and I enjoyed this tour after reading the Torchlighters Biography of Corrie Ten Boom. Thank you for making this available to us as I don't know that we will ever have the opportunity to visit in person. We have been encouraged by Corrie's testimony and great faith.

  • ossimar romero

    CommentsLe doy gracias a Dios por mi vida y le pido fuerza

  • Donna
    United States

    CommentsThe Ten Boom's were remarkable people and showed tremendous courage at a time when it would have been just as easy to look the other way. Corrie ten Boom continues to inspire me today. Oh for the courage, forgiveness, and love to show others as they have done. God Bless.

  • Marsha

    CommentsSuch a wonderful museum and memorial to the Ten Booms. What witnesses they were! With such zeal for God, they helped Jews in a time of distress in our world. Corrie and Betsy were so strong in their faith. What great examples of Christians. I hope to meet Corrie and Betsy in Heaven. Thank you for this virtual museum.

  • Michael

    CommentsMay the world learn from the past that what happen, so that it will never happen again>

  • Bevely Baker

    CommentsI have been touched by this book
    telling of the life of the Ten Boom
    family. I feel like I know them all.
    I only hope that my faith would be
    as strong as theirs when put through
    such terrible events. They had such courage
    and love for all people. Their Lives are
    an example for us to live by. I agree with
    you in prayer for the peace of Israel.

  • maria grazia cossu

    Comments I praise our lovely king Jesus for his mercy and unendless love for me and all The brother and sister that have The wonderful opportunity to hear and see this very special testimony . It is at a very perfect time of my life. My Heart burns for Israel and Jerusalem because of Jesus. Thank you my lovely king.

  • Tiffany


  • Lyn
    United States

    Commentsthank you so much for this virtual tour. Corrie continues to be an inspiration. Truly, this is one testimony of the Lord's Goodness that needs to be kept alive.

  • Barbara

    CommentsIt is difficult to put into words what "tanta" Corrie has come to mean to me. I am very humbled and grateful to have found this website and resource through the Lord Jesus leading today. I can only pray that like so many would say that when they talked with or listened to Corrie Ten Boom; they not only met her but more importantly Corrie's Christ - my prayer and fervent hope is before I go to meet Jesus people will meet Christ out of the same manner and Spirit. I thank the Lord for continuing to prosper her memory, ministry and her family's faith legacy. In Jesus I trust.

  • Jill

    CommentsThank you for allowing us to take this virtual tour of the Corrie Ten Boom Museum. I remember seeing "The Hiding Place" movie as a young girl. Oh, that I may be able to show the kind of love and forgiveness that the Ten Boom family displayed. Praise His Holy Name for this family and how they furthered the Kingdom of God!

  • Christa
    United States

    Comments The Hiding Place was one of my favorites. Thank you so much for this virtual tour. Not only was it beautiful, but I really appreciated the narrator and the details. I have always loved the stories of the "train ticket" and of Corrie's encounters with former enemies after the war. I'm going to have my children watch this, too. :)

  • carol baker

    CommentsLearned of ten boom as a child, but what she endured never hit home till recently. She truly set an example for all of us and I'd love to be able to shake her hand and thank her for showing us just how important the gospel really is.

  • Gabriela

    CommentsDanke dem Herrn für die Tenboon-Familie. Sie waren, sind und sein werden ein lebendiges Beispiel für die Liebe Christi und ein lebendiges Beispiel - wie die Nachfolge Christi möglich ist: durch Liebe und Vergebung. Mein Herz wurde dadurch tief gerührt und verändert. Ja, es ist wahr: "Alles ist möglich, dem der es glaubt" Markus 9, 23.
    Gottes reichen Segen! und Schalom

  • Nallely
    Republica Dominicana

    CommentsDios es Fiel!!

  • Eila

    CommentsI am so glad and thank to Gad that ten Boom family are so deeply love to Gad and Judes pepole. Visit in Corrie Ten Boom museum at virtualy are very fine and touching. I want to pray that peace all a round to Israel and to whole the world!

  • Selina

    CommentsI loved the tour of the Corrie Ten Boom Museum and surrounding area. I read the Hiding Place when I was a young woman and I was in awe of Corrie and her family. I grew up in the 70's so I never knew such hardship and their strength through Christ was inspirational and showed a side of the Lord that I adore, forgiveness and the courage only He can give us to forgive because as His children we must. I pray for Israel and the Jews and that we in America will stay faithful to them. God Bless....

  • Barbara

    CommentsI watched the Hiding Place at a local movie theater after release by Billy Graham Studios. I was a young child, but the movie had a lasting impact upon me and I never forgot the movie. This tour was fascinating and humbling to me. God's favor is still upon the Ten Boom house and all who enter. May each be touched by an angel and be stirred. May those who doubt find assurance in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Linda

    CommentsMay God be glorified and His Kingdom grow through the Corrie ten Boom House/Museum!!

  • alba

    CommentsThank You!

  • karen

    Commentsno greater love then to give their lives for others

  • Ellie
    United States


  • Pablo

    CommentsOne day I would like to visit Haarlem, Holland and to be in the Liberation room, where Ten Boom family prayed and worshipped and I would spend hours praying and worshiping to you Jesus how beautiful would it be!!
    I feel in the deep of my Spirit that God has a great revival in Holland.

  • Sandrs
    United States

    CommentsWhat an inspiration to know the story of Corrie Ten Boom and her family. My heart was so touch by their faith in Jesus Christ. May God grant me to live for Him in like manner.
    I feel so blessed by the Lord Himself to be part of these comments and prayers.
    May Jesus be glorified in all His plan for me.

    God Bless
    Sandra - United States

  • Rodney

    CommentsJust finished the book. Simply amazing. Words cannot describe how much I hope to have a heart someday that reaches even close to the Ten Booms. "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Their treasure was Christ, and their hearts and lives reflected that. Going to share it with many, many other others.

  • Elizabeth

    CommentsI read Corrie's book as a young woman and saw the movie when it came out. I was blessed to hear her speak when she was touring the USA. That created in me a desire to someday see the watch shop and visit the home where the ten Boom family lived out their Christian testimony by hiding their Jewish neighbors and others referred to them by the "underground." Then, I finally had the opportunity!
    I toured the museum in March '06 before starting a tour in Amsterdam that took a group of Americans on a barge trip on the canals for 10 days. Although this barge trip was excellent in every way, my strongest memory of the Netherlands was of taking the train with 2 group members up to Haarlem for a quick tour of the museum and having the opportunity to step into the actual hiding place!
    Watching the virtual tour tonight and listening carefully to the story told about each of the 19 parts of the tour brought back wonderful memories of the book, the movie and my time at the museum.
    God bless you all for making this virtual tour available in so many languages, thereby carrying on Corrie's message to the world!

  • Adam

    CommentsYou are blessed by JESUS CHRIST!

  • Nancy Laird

    CommentsCorrie Ten Boom story really touched my heart many years ago. Today I am just as inspired as I have viewed this site. The message I am coming away with is forgiveness. It essential for our recovery. Only through the grace of God could she forgive, and that grace is available to everyone who believes in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.Hallelujah

  • Sarah
    United States

    CommentsWhen I was a kid, I had a book about Corrie. Though I never read it, I did think of it and decided to do an informative speech in my college class about her. Being half- Jewish (my dad is full) makes this story so much more of a blessing. Thank God for the ten Booms.

  • Christie
    United States

    CommentsWhen I meet our Lord, if I am worthy, I would love to sit with Papa Ten Boom and his family over a cup of tea and a warm fire and rejoice in the new life we will live. I have shared this family's testimony with others and it has transformed my life and heart for those who would do me wrong. I pray that their suffering and love for others will serve as an example of the compassion, mercy and love that Christ has for us.

  • Catherine

    CommentsI was very blessed as a young girl to meet Corrie Ten Boom. Her love was so apparent for all to see. I will never forget her and hope to some day be able to see the home.

  • Karen A Berg

    CommentsThank you for such an inspiration story. It makes me realize just how blessed I am and want to spread God's great message about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who will guide us through not just sunny days, but of dark days as well.
    God bless this foundation.

  • charlene

    CommentsWhat an inspirational and faith filled story.

  • Adriana

    CommentsWatched the movie The Hiding Place. One day i will go to england to see the Corrie Ten Boom house.

  • Camelia

    CommentsI read "The hiding place" a long time ago and always dreamed about visiting the museum in Haarlem, but it was not possible at that time. I hope and pray that I, along with my family, will be able to visit it this year. I pray also I would have the courage the Boom family had, to stand in adverse situations if that case may be.
    May God bless Jerusalem with Peace and Salvation!

  • Julie Singer

    CommentsThe story of the entire Ten Boom family continues to inspire countless people and their families. My prayer is that when it comes time for me to make a stand for Christ that I will do so no matter what the cost to me will be! To include my death if necessary!

  • Jerry

    CommentsCorrie has always been in my memory, (I am 84) as one of the greatest tellers of Jesus and forgiveness. Her message with the flashlight (our lives) has always been remembered. The flashlight would not light, She opened it and found some paper (sin) in the batteries.. The paper was removed and there still was not any light. Once again upon opening she found a little piece of overlooked paper and removed it. The flashlight turned on with a bright light. She said we must always work to remove all of our sins to brighten our lives….With Jesus we can do this. Thank you for the tour and I have found that You Tube has remembered her with sites of her joy. God Bless

  • jeffrey
    united states

    Commentslong live the ten booms.

  • Mrs. Hoblit's 7th grade class, period 5, Class of 2020

    CommentsThanks for promoting Corrie's inspirational story!

  • TCS 7th Grade, Period 1, Class of 2020

    CommentsWe're reading The Hiding Place as a class. We enjoyed taking a "field trip" to Holland via the virtual tour!

  • Suzanne

    CommentsHello! I am from the United States of America. I have seen the movie, "Hiding Place" and read the book as well. As a child, I saw an interview Corrie did on television. She was an amazing woman...filled with the love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This is a wonderful online site sharing the history of the amazing family of faith in the Lord. I pray for the nation of Israel, the city of Jerusalem and the Jewish people--our brothers and sister--the apple of God's eye...would all come to know Yeshua as their Lord and Messiah. May God richly bless you.

  • Aaron

    CommentsI am reading the book and find it amazing. I can not realize what they went through. God Bless.


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