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  • Carrie
    United States of America

    Prayer/PraiseLord, my we, your people, holy and set apart, keep your commandments and worship you only. For you are alive and living in us, working a good work in us. May our faithfulness be blessed as we fight the good fight, and finish the race set before us. Not running for gold, but for the kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen

  • keijo

    Prayer/PraiseDear friends pray for my friend Seppo for his sickness in left arms fingers not move .Let the lord´s power heal him ,thanks and bless in miracles ,keijo sweden

  • rebecca

    Prayer/PraiseI have been struggling lord, may my thoughts always be positive and joyous, lord deliver me from negative thoughts and thinking patterns(Rebecca)

  • Mary
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseDear Lord,

    Please watch over everyone and anyone who is clean of any pure evil.


  • noelenejoy

    Prayer/PraisePlzpraythisprayerwithme. Psa 50:15 LORD God Almighty in & through the name of your, only begotten Son I would like to be forgiven for all of my sins, and I would like Rest Peace Safe & Sound Sleep Healing esp of my leg, Strength Safety Protection & Deliverance from the adversary/ies [whom I would also like you to please stop entering into our homes & bodies & also talebearing Lev 19:16] & all of his/their devices for myself my family & their families please, & "WE ALWAYS NEED PRAYERS" from the people at "your church & or those who pray on this wall." Please & Thank You. Matt 7:7,8


    Prayer/PraiseCorrie is the story of the sisters and their family Batsy their holiness is wonderful and a great lesson for all of us and shows us the way to forgive our neighbor in all situazioni.grazie from the deepest of my heart for averl made ​​known to all of us . glory of the Lord in the hope that they can pray for my famiglia.Alfred

  • nilda
    Puerto Rico

    Prayer/PraiseDear God, Blessing the economy personal,the married the my son,Experience with the Holy Spirit, and the fire Spiritual, giving is God, for the speak inglish

  • Mercedes
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseDear Father in Heaven,

    Thank you for the Ten Boom Family and for their example of courage and faith especially Betsy and Corrie.

    Help me Lord to carry out their legacy and may I have their courage to carry your message of love and forgiveness on this Valentine's Day to those whom have hurt me, and may you give me the strength to love them and forgive them as you have loved and forgiven me my transgressions.

    Dear God, help me with discernment as to what you would do in every situation and fill me with the Holy Spirit.

    I pray Dear God in Jesus' Name for Cuba, Jerusalem, and other parts of this world where your people are oppressed and need you Lord, please fill them with Love, Peace and Joy and may they turn to you Dear God for Salvation, through your Son, Jesus.

    I pray for justice in within my family and may you restore our love and our relationships to be the relationships you would have for us NOT the dysfunctional relationships we had.

    Thank you for the boldness you instilled in me to confront all the family issues and also the work related issues that I had.

    If I have been wrong in any of these dealings please show me Lord Jesus where I was wrong and where and if I need to apologize.

    Thank you, Jesus for all you are doing in my life. Praying for World Peace ...

    In Jesus' Name

  • Jessie
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseThank you Jesus for your protection and shining example of the Ten Boom Family... thank you for continuing to use Christians around the world to protect your children. Help those in the world to see that in Your death you removed the wall of partition between the Jew and Gentile... and that now we all have free access to your throne in our time of need... Teach us all to look at people through your eyes and not the eyes of hate and discrimination.. your scripture says things in the last day will wax worse and worse.. all of this will come to pass and as it does so please hold your children close.. your ever watchful eye is on them but often they don't feel it.. Help your children to see in faith and not be discouraged. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness toward those who love and obey your word..
    In Jesus Name

  • patty


  • Martie

    Prayer/PraiseDear Lord,

    Thank you for your people. Thank you that they reside in the land that you have given them. I pray for their protection; I pray that though the whole world would move against them, You will shelter them in the shadow of your love and peace. I pray especially for the Jewish Christians, my brothers and sisters in your church. Please keep them safe and protect them from abuse and discouragement. Thank you for the example of the Ten Boom family. Help all of us to carry on their legacy of prayer and service.

    As we carry your message of love and forgiveness to young people here in Texas, please pour out your Spirit in a powerful way. Prepare each of us to fulfill the call that you have placed on us, just as Corrie fulfilled her call to take the message of hope to the world.

  • Shelly

    Prayer/PraiseCould you please pray for me that I can do God's work, He has called me to do, and that I do it well for His Glory and that God may equip me and fill me FULL of the Holy Spirit with boldness and discernment. Thank you so much and God bless.

  • Snomama

    Prayer/PraiseFather God bless your people and give their leaders the wisdom they need to lead this great people. Bind the spirits that would infect leaders minds with wrong and unwise choices. I pray today for the PEACE of JERUSALEM!

  • Stephen

    Prayer/PraisePlease could you pray for Sarah to get saved and for God's protection upon her and her children.Thanks.

  • anonymous

    Prayer/Praiseplease ask God to give me and my parents and my brother back our good spirits, soul, blessings and crowns,,, and please ask God for mercy and restore what I made mistake during healing process,,,,our whole good spirit is taken to someone elses and we got their evil physical spirits..and keep lost good spirits even during praying and even healing moment...please tell God that I didn't mean to disobey HIm...please ask GOd for guidance and only He controls me during process... stil trust Him.. Thank you.

  • Maureen

    Prayer/PraiseDear God, I stand with you with Israel and Jerusalem, Lay your HANDS upon your chosen countries and BLESS them with PEACE. Protect your chosen countries that NO harm comes over them in JESUS NAME - AMEN.
    BLESS your chosen people Dear God, keep them Safe from harm. Bless them Dear God that they NEVER go hungry and NEVER go thirsty again. Bless Your chosen people Dear God, with warm, safe and comfortable homes. Bless the homeless with their own apartments. Keep them Safe in Your BLESSED HANDS Dear God. I ask you all this in The NAME OF JESUS - AMEN.

  • shosh

    Prayer/Praisei pray for salvation of my family, understanding of G-d's will for my life and financial blessings that I might be a blessing to Israel

  • noelene

    Prayer/PraisePsa 50:15 Plz praythisprayerwithme. LORD God Almighty in & thru the name of your, only begotten Son I would like Rest Peace Safe & Sound Sleep Healing esp of my leg, Strength Safety Protection & Deliverance from the adversary & all of his/their devices for myself my family & their families please.

  • Jilian

    Prayer/PraiseHeavenly father have mercy on me forgive all my sins. Father if it is your WILL that I may not leave my cruel husband THEN give him a new heart of flesh fill with love for wife & daughter. Father nothing is impossible for YOU. Father help my husband to confess his sin of adultery. Father forgive him. Father STOP mental torture of my husband & his sister. Father send your angels to protect us from all evil. Father YOU know I need money. Father THANK YOU for everything. Hide identity. IJN Amen.

  • Lina

    Prayer/PraisePadre Santo y Bueno, en el nombre de Tu Hijo precioso y amado, nuestro Salvador Jesucristo te damos gracias por las vidas de la familia ten boom y el legado dejado de amor y perdón al mundo, gracias por quienes han creído en Ti a través del testimonio de toda esta preciosa familia y pedimos que enciendas el fuego de Tu Amor en Tu Iglesia en la tierra para orar por Israel como Tu quieres hasta que seamos Uno en el nombre sobre todo nombre lo pedimos, Guarda a Israel, Ezequiel 20:15, la más hermosa de todas las tierras, a cada hermano-a judío en Jerusalem y fuera de ella llévalos hacia Ti y muéstrales el camino de la Perfección. Salmo 101:6 AMEN.

  • samantha

    Prayer/PraiseOur father in heaven, hollowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Father, before I continue this wonderful prayer I ask that you give us the faith and forgiveness as the Ten Boom family. I pray that you "forgive us our sins as we forgive our friends". help us to know what you have in store for us. Even I, a fourteen year old girl need you guidance and protection. and father, your will be done, not mine, my friends, or the precious people who have written on this board. I pray in the glorious name of Jesus Christ, my savior and friend. Amen.

  • Jackie

    Prayer/PraiseThank you Father for all of these prayer requests on this wall. I know You Father God put these requests on each of our hearts and by so doing are answering according to Your will and purposes. May You be glorified and magnified through each one of them. We love You Father God and we praise Your holy name. amen

  • Diana

    Prayer/PraiseGod use me as your vessel ,let me be body centric and spiritually minded lord .Give me a forgiving heart and a gentle spirit.

  • Diana

    Prayer/PraiseHi Brothers and Sisters in Christ

    Thank you loving Jesus for you awesome protection and love.Thank you for your wonderful plans.

    God please deliver every girl child master form the fowler's net God ,protect all the girls accross the world form the evil of assualt and abuse ,Let no child of your 's suffer this evil.

    We are victorious in the name of Jesus we pray Amen



  • Catrin

    Prayer/PraiseThank you Father God for your faithfulness to your people. From the pain inflicted upon them in the War you brought them to their home and their land. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and the return of the Messiah, Jesus, soon.

    Please bring us together, Jews and Gentiles.

    Please bless the people who have written on this wall, and answer the heartfelt prayers here.

  • Falade

    Prayer/PraiseThe power of The Holy Spirit come upon me for God services.

  • marie
    new zealand

    Prayer/PraiseDear Prayer Team

    Please pray for "the Light of God surrounds me " for God's strongest angelic protection around my son and I day and night but especially as we sleep. The neighbour Richard is continuing in his quest against us. Richard is continuing with his illegal/criminal activities putting all the lives of those around him at great risk. We are also suffering from chemical poisoning due to the chemicals Richard is using in his cooking room.

    Please pray for God to bring to an end this battle with Richard and his large numbers of associations who are backing Richard, who are living in the same area as us and causing our health to suffer with very severe oppression against us.
    Pray for all those involved in these criminal activities to be caught and brought to justice.

    Please pray for our health, for our immune systems to be strengthened, lungs healed and strengthened, blood cleansed and healed, and all health difficulties to end thru Richard and his teams efforts against us.

    Pray for provision for us to be able to leave this situation and live in peace, and for all health costs, medical care etc to be covered this year. I urgently need new glasses and dental care.

    Thank you everyone for praying for us
    God bless
    Marie Grace

  • lily joyce

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for peace to the world and happy and health to my friends and family.

  • elmond

    Prayer/PraisePray for us to the Lord, to help and supply us a house.The Lord has been always our provider.
    and a lot of blessings for Israel

    God Bless you

  • Connie

    Prayer/PraiseDear Lord,
    I pray you will continue to provide safety and protection for Israel and it's people.
    You have said this is your chosen land and people and I know you will hold true to your word. Please grant the people peace in knowing you are God and you are mightier than anyone or any nation that may try to cause harm to them.
    I pray you will bring peace and harmony to my family, as well. Even though I live in the land of the free at times the chains that we allow to keep us from true harmony with one another tarnish our lives. Let this family find the joy you have in store for us. Let us learn how to talk in peace to one another. Amen

  • Veronica

    Prayer/PraiseGod brings peace and salvation to Israel and visit my generations with salvation and blessing.
    God protects children around the world who are being abused.
    God open the windows of heaven and bless my spiritual, physical and material life.

  • Evans

    Prayer/PraisePray for me to God to supply me with 800,000 Shillings I need to complete a house for my family.

  • Christina

    Prayer/PraiseHeavenly Father, Jesus Christ, I pray for peace in the middle west and Palestinian and Israeli can live in peace in a Holy Land.
    I Pray to for all the people in my country because the violence is terrible here.

    Thank you Jesus, I know You can hear me!

  • lisa
    united states of america

    Prayer/PraiseI would like you to pray for me and my father ted sipes . my father needs a kidney transplant and a new shoulder replacement. I have breast cancer and I had my breast removed because it was only one breast and I would have been lopsided or the cancer could have come back and attack me again. thank you for your prayers your sister in Christ lisa sipes

  • Paul

    Prayer/PraiseFather God I pray that your peace is poured out over Jerusalem and all of your promised land. May your people know your peace where nothing is broken and nothing is missing. Please pour out your spirit into your people that they may live again in you. In the powerful name of your son Jesus I pray, make it so!

  • Diane Karkosh
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseHeavenly Father, Jesus Christ and by the Holy Spirit, help me to be faithful to pray for the Jewish people and the nation Israel. Truly Lord, just as I am found in the bride of Christ, and Israel is still the "apple of your eye" you are faithful to those who call upon your name from a heart earnestly seeking to know you. I love the words, "God has no problems - only plans" and as we live in these last days, may your plans be furthered by the prayers of Christians and Jews united for the peace of Jerusalem. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for Corrie's life being spared to share this story with all humanity. May we hold dearly, the truth of your Presence, and your "ever present help in time of need." Your Grace is sufficient for all that we need to endure in these troubled times.

  • Konrad

    Prayer/PraiseLord God, Father, friend and helper, I pray that You use Your almighty power this day to help the jewish people through whom You have chosen to bless and save mankind by believing in Jesus Christ. I pray in faith that you help people who have trouble with accepting the jewish people as Your chosen people. Show them that they don't have to understand or eaven find a purpose why you chose the jews. But instead accept that just because you've said so, "And I will bless them that bless thee" they have the opportunity to show You love by keeping your commands and blessing the descendants of Abraham. Also I pray for your wounderfull creation - the jewish people. May we see their beauty and may our love to them be proven through what we do for them, by love perfected through action. But may Your might also help other people in need all over the earth living in material or spiritual powerty. And help all of us others to see You and help all of the least of these, as if we would do so unto you. Amen!

  • sony

    Prayer/Praisepls pls pray for financial blessings on me and my family and pls pray that our good lord blesses my husband vinod with plenty and plenty of business work, finances and prosperity in husband has been out of work for some time now. pls pray he gets work to do. thankyou.praise the lord.

  • noelene joy rout

    Prayer/PraisePlease pray this prayer with me. Psa 50:15 Almighty God, in, and through the name of your only begotten Son, I would like your only begotten Son, the Great High Priest of Heb 4:14 who is seated at your right hand, in the heavenly places Ephes 1:17,20 to continually pray this, my prayer to you, Jn 14:13,14 Exo 22:22-24 on my behalf, I would like Rest, Peace, Safe & Sound Sleep, A healthy diet "Your" care, "Healing" [esp. of my leg], Strength, Safety, Protection, & Deliverance, from the adversary, his helpers, & all of their devices for myself a widow, Isa 1:17 & my family, and their families, please, & thank you, & please, forgive me for every sin I have ever, & or am committing, & or, ever commit, until you take me out of my body. 1 Jn 1:9 Jn 10:10, 38 And please hear, and answer, the prayers of those who pray on this prayer wall.


    Prayer/PraiseI pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I pray that it never be divided. I pray that the world never descend into the madness that was blind to what Hitler was doing again. I pray that the Almighty raise up GODLY leaders in this country. That we return to our Judeo/Christian roots. That there is birthed a world wide awakening - Jew and Gentile together. I pray that the Body of Christ honor and recognize the Jewishness of the Savior of all mankind by calling Yahshua by the name his disciples knew him by, The Messiah is still known as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Jesus is a transliteration not a translation. By mercy and grace He answers prayer, heals and demons are cast out, but how much better if the bride actually called the bride groom by his True name - His name which means Yah saves or Yah's Salvation. Yah's covenant with the Jewish people still stands, that the Church would exhibit the same spirit that has been in the Ten Boon family for 100 years of praying for and recognizing that the Jews were, are and always be YHVH'S chosen people. I pray the Church come to understand what a debt they owe to the Jews as the Oracles of God. For the Qumram caves taught us that there was a 99.9% accuracy between the Torah and writings of Yahshua's time to the scrolls found today. The Jews alone kept the Word. I pray that the anti-semetic spirit that is in much of the Church today be purged out. I pray for the protection and wisdom of Netanyahu as he navigates such treacherous times. I pray his eyes be open to the truth that Yahshua is the Light of the World. I pray for protection for all of Israel. I pray Father of Lights that Your Will is Done and Your Kingdom come in Majesty, Power and Glory and manifested in the lives of all your saints. In Yahshua's Name.

    I pray for me that I be what you purposed me to be before you knit me together in my mother's womb. I pray that I walk in the fullness of the victory of Calvary. Nothing missing, nothing broken. I pray that all the days of my life I am in your Perfect Will and that I only hear the Shepherd's voice. I pray for a deeper place of trust. I pray for deeper intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

  • Daniel

    Prayer/PraiseLord bless and protect the Jewish people Amen

  • Daniel

    Prayer/PraiseLord help us to live in peace with one another, to forgive one another, show us how, in such a way that one day soon there shall be peace in Jerusalem, Thank you Lord for Corrie Ten Boom's testimony and her story of an awesome family Amen

  • Simon

    Prayer/PraisePray for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel. Pray for the salvation of the Jews and that their hearts will open to Jesus. Pray that God will grant me my hearts desire and speak to me with his audible voice. How I long to hear Jesus audible voice.

  • Judy
    South Africa

    Prayer/PraiseMy Children Salvation Michael and Joden and their families. To Love the Lord, to sumit to His Will and to serve Him with love.

  • Jackie

    Prayer/PraisePlease pray for my husband and my marriage. Please pray that God would soften my husband's heart and that he would reconcile our marriage.

  • noelenejoyrout

    Prayer/Praise, please, hear, & answer the prayers, of all who pray on this wall.
    Psa 50:15 I would like prayer to the LORD God Almighty in & through the name of his, only begotten Son for Rest Peace Safe & Sound Sleep Healing Strength Safety Protection & Deliverance from the adversary & all of his devices for myself & my family, and their families please, & thank you, & LORD, please, hear, & answer the prayers, of all who pray on this wall.

  • marie grace
    new zealand

    Prayer/PraiseDear Team
    My son and I have become very ill living next to a neighbour, Richard, who is involved in serious criminal activities and we do not have the funding to leave.

    Please pray for healing for my sons long term illness. My son has had a positive result from his recent tests we sent overseas. My son needs several other very expensive tests as soon as possible to find the right direction and health care needed for him to regain his health.

    . Please continue to plead the blood of Jesus over all the stress, illegal/criminal activities of Richard the neighbour that has brought such a down hill slide over my sons health. Pray for God to clean my sons blood from all contaminants thru Richard's activities.

    Please call out to God for mercy for me re my health and all of Richard's acts against me. Please pray for deep healing of all emotional, mental and physical health effects on my body as a result of living next to Richard and the works of those associated with him.

    Please continue to pray for a blood of Jesus shield around us both, for a strong healing of our immune system, and for my mobility. I am still struggling to walk any distance and getting up from sitting is still a struggle. Pray for strength to remain on my diet.

    Pray for provision so that we can move to a place that is safe and secure, for God to show us the way. For provision for all medical/health costs, moving costs.

    Thank you and God bless
    Marie Grace

  • Jilian

    Prayer/PraiseHeavenly father if it is Your Will restore & save my marriage & break my cruel husband's adultours relationship. Father protect me & my daughter from all evil & mental torture. Father waiting with a rolling tears on my knee since 3 years.I have hide my identity. IJN Amen

  • Eric

    Prayer/PraiseHi My name is Eric, and my mom's boyfriend is causing arguments in our home and he is disrespectful to my mom and her home and he does not care about her. And he is just using her for what she has, and what she can do for him. And this man does not have God and Jesus in his life and he only brings negativity to my moms home.So i want you to pray to God that this man Earl will stay away from our home and never ever come back. And i want you to pray that the police will arrest him if he does come back to our property. And also pray to God that Earl will have no contact with any of my family members and that he will stay away from them also. And i want you to pray to God and tell him to find a real man for my mother, a God fearing man that has God and Jesus in his life and has a job and takes care of himself and can give my mother the love and respect she deserves. And also pray to God that my mom gets saved and invites Jesus into her heart and soul and starts reading the bible and going to church everyday.And prey that my mom has more than enough money to pay all of her bills, and that she gets a double raise on her job and an extra bonus check every week to pay for her bills and personal needs in JESUS NAME AMEN. Also I pray to find a beautiful wife who i am satisfied with caucasion or mexican, and i pray to have 3 beautiful baby girls. I pray that I get invited to perform at the 2014 grammy awards and all major award shows of 2014. And i pray that my aunt Mary Lee gets her own home and car and get totally healed of diabetes. And i pray that my cousin Jarrel gets a job and gets a major sports deal playing soccer. I pray that my uncle Nathaniel gets an automobile so he can get back and forth to work. In Jesus name i pray amen. That is my prayer, thanks

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