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  • Diana

    Prayer/PraiseDear Heavenly Father,
    I pray that those Jewish people, who have yet to acknowledge that Jesus Christ is their true Messiah, would turn their hearts towards Your "Truth" and surrender all doubt and believe that you have already sent your precious Son to them for salvation, fulfilling the prophecies that have been foretold to them. Remove the blinders from their eyes so that they can see and open up their ears so they can hear what the true gospel reveals. Help them to see how the New Testament lines up with the Old and let salvation fill their hearts and minds and souls. Your love for them is passionate and enduring, Oh Lord, they are forever the Apple of Your Eye. God bless them with new hope in Jesus. In His Precious Name Amen

  • The Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit


    God bless Israel, thank intercession in difficult days also lost one grandchild. A group did revenge to us but God is Mercy,
    pray for the family and me my Ministries is will of God and go on
    so very,
    Thankful for Israel and the Jewish people,
    Christians Bless all good is from God,
    Amen from Sweden
    The Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit

  • Jane
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseFor those that promote hate and hurt, that their hearts and minds may be healed. For those that have been hurt by hate, that they may be healed and renewed by the love of God and others.

  • Eileen

    Prayer/PraiseFather, Lord, we pray for your chosen people. In these times of growing anti-semitism, hatred and persecution, we pray for your protection and blessing for them. Lead them back to you, O Lord. Lead them to acceptance and recognition of your son, Jesus, as the chosen Messiah.
    Father, Lord, as Satan pushes harder to foment hatred against the jews, as he seeks to conquer and eradicate the whole Jewish nation we pray for your powerful protection, blessings and mercy to pour out, to flood the jewish nation, surround them, fill their hearts, minds and souls with knowledge of your endless love and the beauty of Jesus's sacrifice for them. Bless them Lord. Gather them to you. Bring your children home. We ask this and thank you that you have heard and answered, in Jesus' precious, precious name, AMEN

  • Teresa
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseEddie Chumney has lost his parents ~ tragically

  • Carlos

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for peace in Israel and around the world.

    " The heavens declare his righteousness
    and all the peoples see his glory "

  • Cynthia

    Prayer/PraisePlease pray for my son Wade and his son Joshua that they will come to Jesus Christ; to know Him 'personally' and to follow Him. Of course, if they come to know HIM personally, they will follow Him.
    My heart hurts for them.

    Thank you

  • Terry

    Prayer/PraiseOur Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, for thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory forever and ever.

    Father, please shelter the people of Israel, confuse their enemies and do so in such a miraculous way that no one can doubt that You are in control of what happens on this earth and particularly in Jerusalem. Father please shelter your people, where ever they may be, cover them with your grace and love and fill their hearts with love and gladness - that we may shout to the world that The King sits on the throne and is our refuge and our hiding place. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

  • Lynn

    Prayer/Praisepray sister can forgive everyone plys herself. has root of bitterness

  • Monique

    Prayer/PraiseAnd many people shall go up to the mountain of the Lord, the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. (Isaiah 2:3) Do so with Your people as You promise in Your Word Lord our God, and also with there enemies!

    That You would draw Your people to Yourself, reveal Your truth, deliver them from the evil one and save them. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

  • Nicola

    Prayer/PraiseMay the Lord help the Jewish people abroad go back to their original land, Israel, and make Aliya, as written in the Bible. May God bless Israel and the Jews now and forevermore.

  • Helen

    Prayer/Praisemy prayer is for all peace in Israel, France and the world for the Jewish nation may Christ be their salvation.

  • Tracy

    Prayer/PraisePeace in Israel and Prosperity, May God bring all provision for his people and confuse israels enemys so they cannot bring an evil plan against israel. No Weapon Formed against us will Prosper!!

  • Victor
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseGod is good, All the time! All the time, god is good!

  • Helen

    Prayer/PraiseLord F.S.H.S.
    My prayer I pray Israel come to Messiah the Jesus Hidden in the manna and in Psalm 22 Isaiah 9 I pray for their salvation and repentance. And pray for Christian brethren all over the world especially those in danger O Lord reach out to them with LOVE and concern. Watch over our military keep them safe Most of all that our loved ones repent keep in the BIBLE learn Gods word and Prophesy's end times seem to be close.
    I pray many come to CHRIST for salvation

  • claudette

    Prayer/Praisepray for my niece Laura she has infection in her body and the Dr's cant find out what it is , thank you she is swollen and in pain

  • judy
    united states

    Prayer/Praiseprecious Lord Jesus, i humbly come to you to ask for peace and Jerusalem and all of Israel. You promised that the people of Israel will always be Your people. please plant wisdom in the minds and love in the hearts of our leaders, especially here in the U.S., that they will see that we must support Israel in whatever way You see fit. Father, please lift up your people and give them hope and help us to always, always remember your words. thank You for your abiding love and promises. in Jesus' name i pray, amen.


    Prayer/PraiseGod, thank You for You make no mistakes and all you do is great. thank you for the Jews through whom we have received salvation. Now I pray for them, that You will protect them, defend them, and that Your light shall shine through them in these tough times they experience such that people shall know that You are alive and are real.

  • Lana D
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for the peace, protection and future of Israel and the Jewish people. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  • Marjorie

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for the protection and peace for the people of Jerusalem. The hand of God is upon them, may they prosper in every way. I give honor and glory to God for His Almighty power in all that He has done for His people and all that He will do in the future. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

  • Lynda

    Prayer/PraiseBless and protect your chosen people, Israel, wherever they may be in world; but especially in Israel and Jerusalem. Remove the blindness from their minds and open their hearts to Yeshua, theirs, and our Messiah. In the name of Jesus, Yeshua; by the power of the Holy Spirit; and for the glory of God our Father; I pray this. Amen

  • Blake

    Prayer/PraiseMay God's Word go out and accomplish what He desires and achieve the purpose for which He sent it, in JERUSALEM, The Netherlands, the USA, and around the world. May the elected officials of America and it's citizens remember their friendship and devotion to God and to the Jews. We humble ourselves, and bow down now before you God, and beg you to bring peace in JERUSALEM and let Your Kingdom come quickly, so that all the earth may know the Saviour and that You may be glorified! In Christ, Amen.

  • Frances

    Prayer/PraiseDear Heavenly Father I want to thank you for allowing me to meet this women of God many years ago and to visit this place of Corrie Ten Boom Museum on the internet. Yes, I believe that you help me years ago to pick out a record of the Hiding Place that started stirring in my heart. Now I pray for peace in Jerusalem and around the world, to bring Jews and Christians together so that it may glorify Jesus Christ. Also help me to love people that hate and hurt others, help me to change my heart by showing the love of God to them. Help me to give love when I have been hurt. Thank you Lord for giving me the chance to share this pray with others too.

  • Christine

    Prayer/PraisePraying that the Lord will be Israel's Shepherd and that they shall not want, that he will make them to lie down in green pastures, lead them beside still waters and restore their souls, lead them in paths of righteousness for his name's sake; when they go through the valley of the shadow of death they will fear no evil, for the Lord Jesus is with them--his rod and his staff will comfort them; that he will prepare a table before them in the presence of their enemies and anoint their heads with oil, that their cups will run over, that only goodness and mercy will follow them all the days of their lives and they will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Psalm 23

  • Billijo

    Prayer/PraiseDear Heavenly Father, I pray for those who suffer in the Middle East, your chosen, Israel, Give them the strength they need to endure, Their leaders, soldiers and their families. The Christians who suffer persecution for their faith in our Lord and savior, Jesus. I also pray for those who do not know you, the members of ISIS, Hezbollah and Hamas, turn the hatred in their hearts toward your people to love, let them find you in their hearts and hear your voice. I ask this in Jesus holy name, Amen.

  • Theresa

    Prayer/PraiseAbba in Heaven, I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I also pray for Your Jewish people around the world to recognize their Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). I also ask your blessing on those believers who serve Your people.especially those You know who are on my heart. Provide for them that they may continue to give glory to You. In Yeshua's Name. AmenL39735

  • Missy

    Prayer/PraiseThat we get our business sold and begin a new life with jobs that glorify the Lord

  • Rich

    Prayer/PraiseBefore leaving on a trip to Israel, I asked a Jewish friend what prayer he would like for me to place in the Wailing Wall. He said, "For the peace of Jerusalem." What an honor it was to place that into the Wall. Our tour guide joked, "It's a local call." Thank You, Lord, that wherever we are we can lift our prayers together for PEACE to come one day, and we praise You for keeping your City miraculously as peaceful as it is.

  • Dusty
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseLord, Give Israel's leaders wisdom and courage in these troubled times. Let there be peace in the nation of Israel as well as in Jerusalem and put a hedge of protection around them. Most of all, continue to move on the hearts of your chosen ones that their Messiah has come and has fulfilled every prophesy that has been spoken down through the ages. I plead your blood over Israel Jesus. Amen, Amen, and Amen.

  • Darryl

    Prayer/PraiseDear LORD I Pray for the PEACE of Jerusalem and Protection of Your Chosen People and Your Nation of ISRAEL Amen

  • Kellis

    Prayer/PraiseDear Heavenly Father, I praise and thank you for Corrie and her family, and their faith in You. I ask that you would bless this ministry so dear to their hearts, for Your Chosen People, the Jews. Especially now, when so much tension exists between Jews and Muslims, I pray Your protection on Your people, Father. Empower this ministry as they work to spread Your Word among Your people. In Jesus' mighty Name I ask it, Amen.

  • Sharon

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for the peace of Jerusalem and your chosen people the Jews "the apple of your eye" Shalom Israel. In the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ the Savior of the world ! amen

  • muna

    Prayer/Praisethat God will safe the nation of the Netherlands.

  • June
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseMy prayer is in agreement with Morris Cerullo's World 40-day fast from Dec. 1 - Jan. 9th. We are all praying for revival in our nation, repentance, safety, and for the Last Great Awakening. I studied Corrie Ten Boom and I am greatly inspired by her bravery and willingness to preach in insufferable conditions. I think I've had it bad until I heard her story. I share her story often on my Facebook so that people will be encouraged. Thank you for doing this museum and I hope to visit it one day! My heart goes out to the persecuted church and may God grant abundant grace for you. Love, from Clarksville, Tennessee, United States.

  • Alvin
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseLord may your peace fill all of Israel and may Jerusalem be establish as her Capitol.Bless all who pray and support Jews and Christians alike throughout the world and all who come here know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. May all who are persecuted for your name find strength and peace in you.

    In Jesus name I pray,Amen

  • Doris Kalangi

    Prayer/PraiseMy prayer is that through faith in Jesus Christ peace be sufficient through Israel and the world at large.. I pray for the saints all over the world that are going through situations and hardships because of Christ... the people dwelling among the non believer and who take them as outcasts not knowing the truth about the Might God of Israel. I pray also for the ability to forgive through the hearts of saints and that the strength of praying be empowered in our spirits through the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    God fullfil his words for the world to see he is God worthy to be honoured and worshiped.
    My biggest prayer of all is that through all the tribulations and afflictions of this world.. Those who have confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, be strengthened and make it until the end of times, that they may all be found in the book of life even in when they sleep in death, including myself. God be the shield through Israel and over his people that are made his Children and chosen through the Crussification of Jesus Christ.
    God bless you mightly bethrens for this opportunity.

  • carol
    united states of america

    Prayer/Praisepray for the hearts and minds of people every where will turn toward God. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem the only peace the God can give. Lord help me to remain faithful to you in these very difficult times. May salvation come to my daughters, son in law and all grandchildren, and other family members. Let your light shine in all our hearts and may I be worthy when you hand me the train ticket,so that your glory will be revealed.

  • Veronica

    Prayer/PraisePlease pray for salvation of my daughter. Her name is Virginia.She is 21 years old.

  • Kim

    Prayer/PraiseLord, Please send the Peace that only Jesus can provide to your people Israel. Let your light shine in Jerusalem and give your people peace! In a world of chaos, the only safe place is right in the middle of your will. I pray for divine appointments and wisdom and revelation of your great love, manifest in your One and Only Son. Amen

  • Christina

    Prayer/PraiseLord Jesus Christ , son of the Father, send now your Spirit into Jerusalem and all the Middle East. Let the angels befriend guide and protect the people ,let peace reign in the hearts of all,with love ,compassion and undestanding for one another. Amen

  • Cathy

    Prayer/PraiseDear Heavenly Father,
    Praying for peace - everywhere.
    In Jesus Precious Name, Amen.

  • Patricia
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseDear Heavenly Father , you are worthy to be praised this day till eternity , please I pray your love and shining light over the Jewish people , Lord I pray for all Christians that are being murdered for your name sake and for their beliefs of you . Lord please intercede these dear ones with your most awesome love and protection and please Jesus come quickly for the wicked are raging , in Jesus Holy Name Amen .

  • Joe

    Prayer/PraiseHeavenly Father, you are God Almighty, the only true God, the only way to whom is through your son Jesus Christ, the Messiah and eternal King of Israel. May your light break through into many hearts and minds in these days to herald a new throng of precious souls to You through His precious blood and an awakening of the understanding of the one new man as Jew and gentile come to you in repentance and faith. All glory to you Father. Your love and grace are mighty to save.

  • Jacqueline
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseMay GOD'S people find peace.

  • Julie Anderson
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseDear Father in Heaven,
    Thanks be to thee for the love which has surrounded us from our birth, and the Spirit which we have been blessed with to guide and comfort us. Please bless thy children, the Jews, in their righteous pursuits. May their enemies be stopped, and may they find thee in their midst to comfort, protect and bless them. Bless their homes, their wives, husbands, children and friends. Let love abound and wisdom direct them.
    In the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen

  • josie

    Prayer/Praisefor a complete deliverance from years of bondage and for healing of severe health issues. for release to a home and for a job. for this that just broke to never return. for the intent to take me out from strongmen in Wilma to be broken forever. for angels and for the blood of Jesus.

  • Carolyn
    United States of America

    Prayer/PraiseFather God,
    You are the Prince of Peace and the ruler of all mankind. In this world we will have tribulation, but You have overcome this world by Your mighty hand and Your outstretched arm of mercy. You have never left your throne, nor shall You ever abandon those whom You love and who love You. In Your sovereignty and grace, You called out a people for Your own to be Your special people. In Your grace and mercy and your everlasting love, You have grafted in those who did not know You, nor Your power, and I am so grateful for Your amazing plan of salvation for gentiles like me. I pray for Your continued han
    d of grace and mercy and protection over Your lovely people, the Jews, and I ask that You would continue to draw them to Yourself and to remove the scales from their eyes and reveal to them through Your almighty power that You sent Your Messiah, Your only Son, Jesus to set free the captive sinner, which includes every last person on earth. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one came come to the Father except through Him. Open the eyes of Jerusalem, protect her, and be her peace.
    You are the one true God and we praise Your holy name. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

  • audrey

    Prayer/PraiseI am a born again spirit filled Christian. I feel like I have a call of the Lord in my life. I have come to this place of horrible blockage by my family. for the occultism literally attacking my health and life. for no provision here, I am in prison. there is strong antichrist against me and strange symptoms in my physical person as some kind of ill will stands against me.
    I need to flee, my life is in danger. these people called family are worse than any foe. there is some kind of witchcraft against my finances and even my face and hair. for the Lord to send angels and cause me to find a place far from these evil evil people to a place called safe and for divine appts. for a miracle job and for completion of school. for the medicine I cannot buy but is being refused to be purchased by these so called family members. I am in pain. also, I have a audo immune problem and cant eat regular food. I am suppose to help them as if I were a slave and they mock me because I can not eat this food they eat. I am in much pain and sorrow of heart. for Jesus to save me and get me to a safe place. for someone to see tht I need some kindof help instead of trying to kill me. for the inflammation in my brain as well from the preservatives and wheat. I need to go to a safe place and I need a job. for warring angels and angels of revelation. thank you

  • olga

    Prayer/PraisePlease pray for my sons' deliverance from Satan's attacks principal is notaccepting his projects christopher's grades are dropping he is only 14 yrs old hooked onto smoking and drinking. nehemiah is very weak in studies.n's attacks from harassment from school principal who has been torturing all my 3 children. has prevented him from singing and appearing for his exams and not accepting his projects he is only 14 yrs and given in to drinking and smoking. nehemiah is very weak in studies. please pray for compete deliverence from satanic attacks. This all began when they started playing pokemon and dragon ballz
    husband to preach the gospel against all the worldly lust growing in our church

  • Deborah

    Prayer/PraiseDear God, may the message of the ten Boom family live on to win more souls for Christ. May the entire world look to Jesus for mercy and salvation. May Revival break out worldwide. May Jesus return to take up His reign in Jerusalem as King of kings. May Israel be safe in God's hands. Finally that Mark's 10 hour operation on Nov. 14/2014 be successful but most of all that both he and his wife, my sister Shirley, be wonderfully saved by the precious shed blood of Jesus Christ. May all my family be saved too. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

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